Monday, October 27, 2008

Comment Moderation

The traffic to the blog and website has continued to grow. Obviously, I am excited about this, but with the increased popularity comes problems. Overnight, several extremely long posts - I assume hoping to "crash" the blog - were posted, and today a few comments that contained speculation that I found very inappropriate were posted - and deleted.

My friend Morgan is going to help me moderate comments. Between the two of us, we will look in on the blog every hour or so all day. I am sorry we will lose the quick give and take "dialogue" aspect of commenting, but I don't see that there is a choice at this point.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that this is happening, but for those of us who are loyal readers of your blog, we are very grateful for all of your time, energy and heart. Your site has provided a place for those who just can't tolerate lies and deception by our public officials. You have been vigilant in keeping up with the information on this, and are fair and rational.
Thank you,
Penny in Paradise

Anonymous said...

Hallo Audrey,
I read your site since it was startet.
I like it!
I do not support Obama, because I think he is just a tool of PNAC -
You are doing a wonderful job!
Do not believe in Liars.
Go on please-
From Bavaria
King Lui II

Morgan said...

Moderation is sometimes a necessary step and I think it's a good call given the strong emotions we're seeing in the run-up to this election - emotions that will no doubt get stronger.

Even on my blog, which is mildly political, I've noticed far more contention among commenters than I used to see. I hope whoever is elected will enjoy the support of citizens who can put aside their differences and focus on getting this country back on the right track.

I'm sorry to hear that someone tried to crash this blog, which is an amazing resource. But it doesn't surprise me. I think you've been peeling away layers of this story in a way that is making some people very uncomfortable.

Maybe this week we'll have some answers; MSNBC is reporting that Palin *will* release her medical history this week. But is that the same thing as medical records? I'll believe it when I see it!!

Anonymous said...

Please give readers an e-mail address to alert you of problems with comments. And if there's a way to ban the problem commenters from causing future problems, then of course, you should do that, too.

Jay Raskin said...

Here is the latest information about the release of the medical information:

Apparently, we are not going to get the medical records, just some kind of information about her medical condition. We should have expected something funny was up based on the delay that has so far taken place.

The RNC paid $32,000 for a Hollywood make-up artist to do Palin's make-up for two weeks. It is quite obvious that they could pay $100 for an overnight fed-ex delivery of all pertinent materials. She announced that she would release the records on Wednesday. They should have been released by Friday. It is now Monday night.

We can well imagine that something is very wrong with the medical records and there is possibly a big debate going on between dozens of republican lawyer-strategists about what medical records to release.

Releasing too much could sink the campaign. Releasing too little will raise the level of speculation so that it finally enters the mainstream media. That will also sink the campaign.

Please note that while Obama's doctor gave a one page summary of his medical records along with his most recent tests, Palin cannot do the same thing. There was never any serious questions about Obama's health, on the other hand there have been serious questions raised about her last pregnancy and if it was real. If the one page summary is not by the doctor who delivered the baby, Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson, that is going to really fuel the rumors that Trig is not her biological son.

I personally believe that the doctor is an honest person who is now refusing to go along with the deception. That, I think, is the best explanation for her continued silence. Legally, she cannot tell the truth without Palin's consent, but being an honest person, she will not lie and back up Palin. Logically, if Dr. Baldwin-Johnson was going to back-up Palin, it would have been back in August, before Bristol was thrown under the bus. If she did not do it then, she won't do it now.

That is my best guess as to the reason for the delay in the release of the medical information.

Audrey said...

My email address is

Anonymous said...

All I can say to the increased "trying to crash your site" is you are obviously either closer to uncovering the truth, unknowingly published the truth or have hit a nerve with someone.

Well done ha!


Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job, and probably also getting awfully close to the truth for some people's taste. I'm so glad you're moderating the comments now. About the same time someone tried to crash the site, one particular person started making bizarrely personal attacks after you mentioned some upcoming posts--makes you wonder, doesn't it, exactly what nerve that upcoming information might have hit with some people checking in on your site? Please know that many others really appreciate all your efforts. BTW, I'm guessing the truth will get out there pretty soon after the Ted Stevens news cycle has run its course!

micky-T said...

What Morgan said rings true.

you've been peeling away layers of this story in a way that is making some people very uncomfortable

Your doing such a good job, I think we are "all" very proud of you.