Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some Questions and Comments

I thought I'd take this opportunity to address a couple of issues that have come up repeatedly, though I have never addressed them in a blog post or on the website. But I do keep getting email and I want everyone to know that I am aware of the issues.

The first issue is the birth of a child, to an "Amber and Levi" on April 18th at a hospital about 45 minutes away from Mat-Su, Alaska Regional. Picture comparisons have been done and many people think the babies look similar. It's been suggested that this was somehow Bristol and Levi's baby, born at a different hospital, and then, I guess the thinking goes, brought over to Mat-Su.

There are two problems with this scenario. The first is that this baby is listed on the website as being born in the afternoon on April 18th. Sarah Palin's parents, the Heaths, gave an TV interview at Mat-Su during the afternoon of the 18th. I don't know the exact time, but it was filmed in time to be run on the evening news that night. As far as I know, there is no available video from that broadcast - I've looked - but the station's website does have a screen shot from the video. Unless you want to get really bizarre (stunt-double babies, et cetera) there's no plausible explanation for the fact that the second baby was not even born at the time the Heaths were probably doing the interview, with a newborn in arms. Of course, people have suggested that the info at Alaska Regional's website could have been altered in some way, but that leads us to the second problem:

Which is, that listing on the website is optional. I have no idea what percentage of babies born at Alaska Regional are on their website, but I have researched Mat-Su (it appears to be about 2/3rds) and just out of curiosity I called OB at the hospital where my husband works, and I was told by that hospital that it's about 75%. So NOT listing a child would likely raise no eyebrows; no one would think it "odd" or comment in any way. If you're trying to hide something, you'd just quietly opt out of being listed.

Don't get me wrong - I have wondered from the beginning if Trig was really born in that hospital that night, since there just seems to be SO much wrong with the story. But I doubt very much that the "Amber and Levi's" child on Alaska Regional's website is Trig Palin.

The second thing that's come up on various websites from the beginning is a blog post, from someone who from all appearances seems completely neutral in this situation, stating that she saw Sarah Palin pregnant in the airport sometime late in March 2008 (though she did not make her post until late April, after Trig was born.) I have not made much of this report, but it does exist and I have gotten enough email about it that I felt it should be addressed.

First, the picture that is on the website does not show enough of Sarah Palin for us to draw any conclusion. However, the post's author - Elizabeth Eubanks - states flatly that she turned and saw Gov. Palin "pregnant."

The problem with this is, as I have suggested all along, that the allegation against Gov. Palin is that she may have faked a pregnancy. To do that, you have to look pregnant at some point. I think it's pretty clear that from about mid-March on, Sarah Palin did appear "somewhat" pregnant, though as I have said how consistently is another matter.

So while I am certainly not discounting this report - it is a legitimate sighting of Gov. Palin by someone who has no ulterior motive for saying she looked expectant - I don't know why it's any more credible or important that the fact that Andrea Gusty, who was the reporter interviewer speaking to Gov. Palin in this photo

and saying that this is an accurate picture of how she looked that day.

Third, thank you to all who sent links today of Sarah Palin getting off the plane, followed by one of her daughters. I believe that this is Willow, not Bristol.

Here is the link if you want to see for yourself. Let me know if you disagree. The girls look very much alike, but it is clear the young woman in this video is not pregnant.


Silvergirl said...

It really is difficult to tell which of the girls is coming down the stairs from the plane. She's definitely not pregnant, so it must be Willow, because why would they let everyone see Bristol in a non pregnant state? At this point her pregnancy should be very obvious.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, I'm actually a bit surprised by your comment: "I have wondered from the beginning if Trig was really born in that hospital that night, since there just seems to be SO much wrong with the story."

I assumed that you had already considered it a foregone conclusion that Baby Trig was born at Mat Su. The proof, to me, was something I learned on one of your previous blog posts, about Google caching.

If you go to google, and type in

matsuregional: "Trig Palin"

(where matsuregional is the website domain name, and Trig Palen is the exact phrase you want to find), an entry for April 18th 2008 will pop up very high in the results list: This is served from google's cache. This means that at some point of time, even though it's not there now, Trig Palen's name was on that exact April 18th 2008 page.

If you try this trick with any other random name after matsuregional: filter word, it won't work. There will be no page hits, and certainly not one for the very date in question.

For more info about caching, you'll see that right under the link to the April 18th page, there's a link to Cached information. If you then click on More Info, this is what Google says: "Google takes a snapshot of each page examined as it crawls the web and caches these as a back-up in case the original page is unavailable". Clearly, the original page has indeed been altered to remove his name.

Maybe if there are any google or microsoft or yahoo employees that read this site, they have access and have the ability to dig up old web pages in the archives (if they exist).
I read your blog every night. You've done an amazing job systematically addressing every nook and cranny with this funny business. I hope with all of these leaves you're turning, you'll stumble on the last piece of evidence that'll nail it. Great job!

Scott said...

I think a lot of the information on Anchorage listing is falsified, including the time of birth.

The photo is indisputable though. I'm convinced Trig had to born in Anchorage instead of Wasilla due to possible complications.

The article you linked to is telling. First it was filed from Anchorage, not Wasilla which means the reporter did not visit the hospital. Much of the article relies upon a press release from the Governor's office.

A cameraman identified as Phil Walczak did visit the hospital and spoke and shot the parents on the Friday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell if it's Bristol or Willow in the photo, either. She might be a little pregnant...Bristol is supposed to be about 6.5 months pregnant now. Perhaps if is indeed her first pregnancy, she doesn't look very pregnant yet?

Anonymous said...

Regarding "Trig Palin" appearing in Google's cache: I've done the same thing, and it's true.

trig palin

The cache from the Matsu Regional Hospital's nursery for April 2008 contains the words Trig and Palin.

It also contains Sarah Palin, and Sarah and Trig Palin:
sarah palin trig

It does not, however, have anything for Todd Palin, or Bristol, or Willow or Levi, or Johnston.

This suggests that the birth announcement that was later scrubbed mentioned only Sarah Palin as Trig's mother, and did not name the father.

Which raises the questions: WHY would this announcement have been scrubbed? And WHO scrubbed it?

The hospital says these announcements are voluntary, by the parents. So, the hospital didn't initiate putting up, perhaps. Most likely the "parents" did, in this case, the governor.

But then at some point it was taken down -- perhaps because an official was concerned at a fraudulent announcement, and insisted on taking it down.

More likely, I think, is that the Palins asked the hospital to take it down, in concert with the doctor.

Why? Because it looked odd to have only the "mother" listed. And because the doctor and the hospital would not go along with editing the announcement to add Todd's name, when they knew that it was all a fraud.

One possibility is that at the beginning it was explained to the hospital that Ssrah and Todd would be adopting the baby immediately, and that for that reason, Sarah should be listed as the mother. The hospital went along because she was the governor.

But later, it all looked a little too funky, and rather than compound the falsehood, they all decided it would be better to scrub it.

Audrey, what do you think about this?


Scott said...

I've just examined some of the meta data surrounding the birth announcement article from KTUU.

First the PDF announcing the birth was authored from the "Office of the Governor" at 4/18/08 at 5:14:13 pm.

The 4 pictures in the article are screengrabs from a video and thus contain no meta data so there's no way of knowing when they were taken or created.

The meta data of the "Amber and Levi" photo is essentially useless. The photo's been resized or copied in such a way that it's meta data says is meaningless:

"Date Time Digitized 2008:04:20 11:02:56"
"Date Time Original 2008:04:20 11:02:56"

But back to that article from KTUU, Considering the Press release was created at 5:14 pm on the Friday the earliest it would have reached a newsroom would have been 5:30. KTUU has a 6 pm newscast and a 10 pm newscast. I'm guessing they would have sent a cameraman to Wasilla to shoot footage for the 10 pm newscast, there just wouldn't have been enough time to turn it around for 6 pm.

I"m gonna look at some other early pictures meta data let you guys know what i find.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever said why someone thought amniocentesis was necessary in the first place?


Anonymous said...

Audrey I don't know if you've seen this video but I find it a bit funny how Todd doesn't remember how many kids he has, and furthermore doesn't correct Greta when she goes on to ask another question mentioning 3 kids again.
Check it out around 2:00 & 2:45.
I split it up just in case it didn't show on the blog so just connect the link after the "/"

*Miss Lexstasy*

Anonymous said...

I am really glad somebody brought up the Google cache thing, because it has been bothering me since I first read about it here back on September 30th.

My questions are--

(1)Why would a search for "Trig Palin" (in quotes, thus looking for the exact phrase) bring up hits when none of the other children are listed with their last names? No doubt listing full names would be seen as an invasion of privacy--I don't even think we had the option to have our last name on our hospital's website.

(2)Similarly, why does the cache search for "Sarah Palin" bring up a hit for the nursery calendar page that includes April 2008? No other parents are even listed on the calendar pages, and why would it include their last names if they were? I looked to see if maybe it was picking up an unrelated random mention of her name somewhere else on the page (plausible because she is the governor), but I don't see anything.

(3) Finally, I was the one who posted the comments on Audrey's Sept 30th entry about searching by plugging in other variations of Trig's info (weight, etc.) with no luck. I had read her entry that day and then started trying some searches. What strikes me as VERY ODD is that one of my comments references the fact that I had tried plugging in the names Sarah and Todd and received NO HITS. NONE. I am positive I did this several times with different variations. I wouldn't have posted that comment otherwise. But NOW (and even at least a week ago or more when I tried these searches again) there is that hit for SP's name!

Does anyone have any idea how this could be?? I mean, I know very little about this stuff, but doesn't it seem like something on that website is being monkeyed around with? That, more than anything, over the past few days has really freaked me out. It's almost like someone knew that there would be people looking for Trig's and Sarah's names relating back to April 2008 and April 18 specifically, and did something to get those search terms to point back to the appropriate place--but messed up in part by putting in too much info in the form of last names, and no other info relating to the birth stats.

Frankly, I am really kind of hoping I am wrong--like I said, I was VERY surprised when I got a hit back on SP's name last week. Is there another, more innocent explanation that anyone can come up with?? Please? Anyone?

dipsydoodlenoodle said...

I’ve been reading this for a few days now and I’ve only figured out how to post – clever!

I agree with the 2nd anon on this page. I do not think Trig was born at that hospital on that night.

Lets for example say Sarah did have the baby earlier than was said, maybe that is why she was rushing home from the conference?

Lets say Bristol had the baby earlier than we are a poster previously has already said "how could a special needs baby with downs be let home from the hospital the day after he was born?" It would indicate that Trig was born somewhere, at least a week earlier don't you think? But it still doesn’t explain the rushing home by Sarah. I guess we will find out when his birthday celebrations start to happen. They can keep it up for a year or so but seriously can they keep it up for a decades?

As for people saying Sarah Palin parades Trig on stage like a prop, that may be the case BUT she really has to doesn’t she, she can’t parade the other kids around and not parade him around, if she wasn’t seen with him surely people would be criticising her for not looking after him…

It’s all very interesting!!!

Anonymous said...

GMA segment talking about Sarah Palin and her medical records. At the end her shopping trip is addressed:

KATE SNOW reads Palin quote regarding Shoppergate: [Sarah Palin} spoke with the Chicago Tribune, and she said It's been misunderstood, the whole thing is bad, she said they didn't spend $150,000 on clothes, but she did say, [quote] " The clothes were loaned to us during the convention, those are not ours. Those go to charity or they'll be auctioned off. To be criticized for that- that is now who we are." She said a lot of the clothes are still in the belly of the plane and have not even been worn.

How could the clothes be loaned when the campaign has released the financial disclosures showing the purchases???

Another interview with Sarah and Todd 'If people only knew how frugal we are' You charged the state of Alaska to stay in your own house which makes you cheap not frugal. There is a difference.


Morgan said...

At 10:53 in that MSNBC video, what is that in Sarah Palin's ear?????

Audrey said...

If Bristol is actually due on December 18th, she would actually be between 31-32 weeks pregnant, so closer to 7 1/2 - 8 months. I'm pretty sure the girl is Willow, and I would say that based on her face even if I could see nothing of her body.

I'm sorry if people were confused by my comment that I have always wondered if Trig were born at Mat-Su on April 18th. I guess the better way to put it is that it has always been in the back of my mind that there was a possibility that he was not, but I have no proof of that whatsoever.

As with many things on this blog and website, we make "best guesses" based on the available evidence. My best guess is that Trig Palin was born there, though I have never discounted the slim possibility that there might be more to this as well.

Certainly, as I have said all along, Sarah Palin was hell-bent to get back, not to Alaska (she actually could have gotten to Juneau quicker than to Anchorage), not to Cathy Baldwin-Johnson (who *probably* had staff privileges at Providence Hospital in Anchorage - Important note: Neither her practice nor the hospital will confirm to me that as of April 18th C. B-J would have been permitted to deliver a baby there.) but to Mat-Su Hospital in Palmer.

Her desire to reach Mat-Su Hospital is one of the linchpins of the whole story.

Scott said...

Audrey I can't see how you're discounting the photo at Alaska Regional. The photo on that listing leaves no doubt in my mind that is Trig.

The facial features are all the same, it's not like it looks a little like Trig, it looks a lot like Trig.

The listing has one obvious error as well, the baby is listed as "Jeremiah Alan" yet the statement across the top says...

"Join the Staff at Alaska Regional Hospital's Birth Center in celebrating the birth of a daughter to Amber and Levi "

How many daughters do you know with the name Jeremiah Alan?

I would be highly skeptical of the time of birth and some of the other information for that reason.

Anonymous said...

Google's algorithm only knows that a lot of pages with the words "Trig Palin" have linked to that page, most likely.

It doesn't necessarily mean that the words "Trig Palin" ever showed up there and were scrubbed.

Google's algorithm simply keeps track of what links to what. So when you ask for a site: link, a la: trig palin

it will look in the Google Database for the page that comes up highest for those words, in that subset of the Internet that is

I wouldn't read too much into it, in other words.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is Trig's real mother, the McCain/Palin campaign is not shy about using him politically to get votes. Along with parading him up on the stage during rallies, Sarah is speaking this morning in Pittsburgh about special needs children and the "vision" that she and John have for them in their administration. She should be at home taking care of Trig's needs instead of flying all over the country with him.

palin pregnancy truth said...

What is Bristol's middle name? If it is not Amber I'm willing to concede that it is some weird coincidence.

The one point that counters the conspiracy theory, was that if she was faking a pregnancy she didn't put much effort into the deception. However I believe her and her family are arrogant enough to think that they can get away with anything.

Anonymous said...

Last night I was watching Greta Van Sustren's "On The Record" show on the Fox cable station. She had an online vote on whether or not Sarah should be REQUIRED to release her medical records as a VP candidate. I voted and the outcome was 97% against her releasing the records and 3% for releasing the records, with a total of 19,000 votes. There was a place for posting comments. It was unbelievable how many comments were for her records being kept private and that the people have no right to know about her pregnancy and birth records. So it looks like the Palins will be successful in keeping the mystery of Trig's birth unresolved.

Anonymous said...

About the google cache "evidence": do the search, click on the cache link for one of the hits, and you will see this in google's info box at the top of the page:

These terms only appear in links pointing to this page: trig palin

In other words, google is scoring a hit for "trig palin" based on *other pages which have linked to the mat-su hospital site and included the words trig or palin in the link text.* Every time a blogger creates a "hey, lookie here, no Trig Palin listed!" link to the hospital site, it goes into the google database.

So really, this kind of google result proves nothing except that there are people out there who are wondering why Trig isn't listed.

An interesting demonstration of how this works - try adding a random word to your search, e.g. trig palin purple

You won't get any hits.

Then try adding words that would reasonably be found in a post questioning the lack of a listing: trig palin no

or trig palin sarah

You will get hits again, and once again you will see the note about the terms only appearing in links to the page.

Bottom line: Google shows no evidence - none - that there ever was a birth listing for Trig at Mat-Su.

Anonymous said...


I think it is interesting that people are continually confusing Willow and Bristol. Willow looks more mature than a typical 14-15 year old (how old is she, really?) and even NBC's Andrea Mitchel made the mistake during the RNC in September when the family was seated for Gov. Palin's speech.

The sisters do look somewhat alike (both are VERY pretty young women, no surprise there) and may have other things in common, too. I'm sure they have both received lots of attention from boys. Young girls are curious, too, and the Palin family dynamic seems rather permissive, as indicated by Bristol's current situation. And birth control is probably RIGHT OUT.

This is not to judge the Palins. Lots of families face these issues because people are people, no matter their public image. But both parents were often away, so ...

There are three women that could have a child in the Palin family. There are, or will be, two babies, assuming Bristol is actually pregnant (seems likely). So all the talk of web sites and mystery notices and photos and sightings is interesting, but this is really just a math problem.

Three women. Two babies. Most people (including me) contributing to this blog don't think Sarah is the mother of Trig and she won't prove it. When Bristol gives birth to baby #2 she may rule herself out as Trig's mother. Do the math.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to direct all new readers to audrey's site as well.
New readers may be checking out the blog and not realize that a lot of questions and discrepancies are addressed there.
Lower 48

Anonymous said...

"Three women. Two babies. Most people (including me) contributing to this blog don't think Sarah is the mother of Trig and she won't prove it. When Bristol gives birth to baby #2 she may rule herself out as Trig's mother. Do the math."

Dangerous: I was shocked last night to see how many people commenting on Greta Van Sustren's online vote were accepting Sarah's explanation of Trig's birth on face value. Most of them didn't care about proof of Trig's birth but instead were still questioning where Barack Obama was born--in Hawaii or Kenya--and think that HIS birth certificate is a fake. We are such a divided country. The Obama supporters accept him and the Sarah supporters accept her without explanations. As an Obama supporter, I hope I have made the right choice and that somewhere down the line the truth about all of these people will be made known!

sarah.hoax said...

Has this picture been commented on.

It is from Levi's sister myspace. I am not sure why Audrey doesn't have it on her site/blog.(I apologize if I missed it). This is the companion photo to Sarah looking all happy and unmotherly with Levi's sister/Trig(is that the same baby Trig??). It has the same woodwork and likely taken same day as news station photo.

Anonymous said...

"Last night I was watching Greta Van Sustren's "On The Record" show on the Fox cable station"

Don't let any votes you see on the FOX network make you think. ALL republicans and their mommas watch FOX. Thats they only news station 90% of them watch, mainly due to the fact that its the only mainstream republican channel out there. But yeah, Fox could take a vote of how many people think John McCain is an angel sent from God, and it would come out the same. 97% think he is, 3% are unsure.

Handle that Scandal! said...

on this site it says that trig is named in honor of great uncle a BRISTOL bay fisherman.

that's a name connection right there. i was wondering why the name trig was used. i guess this could be the explanation.

i think it is strange that the mat-su site states that the baby born on Jeremiah Alan is a daughter and was born to a Levi. It might just be a coincidence. It's so strange. This story just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

Anonymous said...

"Don't let any votes you see on the FOX network make you think. ALL republicans and their mommas watch FOX. Thats they only news station 90% of them watch, mainly due to the fact that its the only mainstream republican channel out there."

You're so right! I can watch all TV stations and listen to rightwing talk radio to get all sides of the situation in order to be an informed citizen, but the rightwingers only want to hear one side of the story! Then they condemn Obama based only on what they are hearing from radicals like Limbaugh and Hannity! THAT is what I call un-American and unpatriotic!

By the way, today Sarah said that her "vision" was to appropriate $19 million for special needs children. Is that also called "socialism?"

Anonymous said...

Things that make you go hmmmmm

Unlike many other personality disorders, histrionic personality disorder does not necessarily have a negative impact on work or social functioning. People often describe the histrionic personality as energetic, attractive, and popular. People with the disorder are also often successful in their careers.

These apparently positive qualities have negative sources. Histrionic personality disorder sufferers are not simply extroverted. They have a desperate, driving need to be the center of attention at all times and will manipulate both people and events to ensure that all attention is focused on them. In order to stay in the spotlight, people with histrionic personality disorder may resort to emotional dramatics and potentially dangerous risk-taking behavior.

Histrionic personality disorder is defined by a constant need for approval.Histrionic personality disorder also produces a strong need for praise and appreciation, and people with the disorder are highly sensitive to even imagined criticism. Their feelings are easily hurt. When not "performing" as the center of attention, they are nervous and uncomfortable.

Anonymous said...

Having been a lurker for the last week, I am ready to put in my 2 cents for what little it is worth in today's market.

There certainly is enough circumstantial evidence to be a cause for pause about the real parents of Trig, but I guess I've just got to believe that someone could have been persuaded or paid to talk by now if there was a cover up.

I would think that even private people would have a hard time concealing a teenage pregnancy without going to extraordinary lengths. I would think it would be impossible for people in the public eye.

Logically, I also assume that if there was something there that an ambitious reporter would be working their fingers to the bone to bust open this story. Fame, Glory, Money are purty darn powerful motivators, right?

I have considered, with an open mind, the posts from a few seemingly credible Alaskan insiders (and the PolarTrec teacher) that could be reasonably marshalled in making a circumstantial, anecdotal case that it was not Bristol who gave birth to the little guy in April.

I am amazed and in a weird way, admire, all the ideas and theories that so many have come up with. Audrey, I am impressed with your level-headed approach to leading this brainstorming baby blog.

Now it doesn't really matter what I think. Just how I vote.

According to the latest CBS/NYT Poll, Obama now has a 13 point lead. The wheels are off the McCain Campaign. It's now a matter of waiting and seeing just how bad the wreck will be.

Sarah Palin has already proven to be a hypocrite and a liar about troopergate. She has shown herself to be unethical in terms of claiming per diem and charging kid travel on Alaska's dime. While I don't think she did the shopping herself, it sure doesn't look good when the Empress has clothes (expensive ones at that) when everyone else is losing the shirts off their backs. If the clothes are still in the belly of the plane, for gosh sakes, get them out and let a staffer return them! Really! My goldfish could run a better campaign.

I guess what I'm saying is even if it turns out she lied about the baby it would be just one more thing at this point.

On the other hand, if I were a book editor, I'd be working on getting Sarah to sign RIGHT NOW for the tell-all confessional.

If I were Sarah, I would sign the deal because it looks like she won't have a state job too much longer.

Anonymous said...

"Histrionic personality disorder"

I have to assume that the reason for this anonymous post is that Sarah Palin faked the pregnancy to attract more attention to herself as she has this personality 'trait' (I wouldn't call it a 'disorder', necessarily).

I can't rule that out and it is a reasonable explanation for a faked pregnancy, and then she intended to adopt the child, but it arrived early while she was in Texas (as the center of attention, in her own mind). So she had to rush back to Alaska to claim the newborn baby while maintaining the ruse.

That's an interesting theory and could explain Trig if none of the Palin women could have been his mother.

I should point out that this would be the WORST representation of Sarah Palin's actions. If she faked the pregnancy to cover for one of her daughters, at least there was an element of selflessness in it. But not if she just wanted attention.


Sleuth for Truth said...

RE: Palin Pregnancy Truth post.

I have found Willow's complete name and confirmation of Piper's complete name:

Willow Bianca Faye Palin was born July 7, 1994 at 7 lbs., 12 oz.
[Anchorage Daily News (AK), 7/25/94]

Piper Indi Grace Palin was born March 19, 2001 at 7 lbs., 13 oz.
[Anchorage Daily News (AK), 3/29/01]

This info comes from:

I still cannot find Bristol's and Track's complete name anywhere.

Scott said...

nice work sleuth for truth

That democratic vetting is a goldmine. Unfortunate that it doesn't have Bristol's middle name though. Anyone have access to Lexis or live in Wasilla or Anchorage and may be able to look it up in a library?

Anonymous said...

The theory that makes the most sense to me is that Bristol was pregnant and in seclusion with the plan being to have the baby adopted, then after an amnio done around 31-32 weeks revealing the baby had Down's Syndrome, Sarah decided to announce her "pregnancy" to cover for the fact that they would have a new baby in the family soon. The thing that bothers me about that scenario though is that if they knew about the Down's - why did they take the risk of having him born at Mat Su instead of a more equipped hospital? Did they put Trig at risk simply because Sarah's church had control over the board at the hospital and could successfully stage the events related to the birth?


Anonymous said...

Annie, you're on to something! That would all fit.

--Sandia Blanca --

Anonymous said...

Is it really true that Sarah's church is on the board of the MatSu hospital, or just a conjecture? Do you have evidence?

If the pregnancy/birth story as Sarah tells it is true (which I doubt), she may have done the risky things (early amnio, which is dangerous, plus the nutty and dangerous cross-continent trip to give birth) so that she would miscarry. Maybe she didn't want a 5th child, let alone one with special needs.

Anonymous said...

Annie, I think there are too many holes in your theory.

a) Why would Sarah Palin claim the pregnancy at 30 weeks simply because of the knowledge of Downs in the fetus? Insurance reasons? I don't think so since that would be criminal fraud.

b) There's no evidence that Bristol was pregnant at all, except rumors as to the real reason she was out of school. On this site, there have been credible posts that Bristol was NOT pregnant in early 2008. And if she gives birth to her baby on December 18, I doubt she could be Trig's mother. We'll see.

But I have pointed out that we need to explain why Sarah Palin would wait until 7 months into a pregnancy to announce it, faked or real. If faked, she had to know about it much sooner and she left herself open to incredulity.

If real, she hid it so successfully with absolutely no valid reason to do so. What, did she expect people to NEVER know she was pregnant? Her explanations on this point are contradictory (paraphrasing):

a) "I thought everyone knew."
b) "I didn't want to be judged."

If she thought everyone knew, then they would judge her, right?

c) "I never got big with this pregnancy."
d) "My clothes were getting tighter and tighter."

Huh? She tried to hide it but continued to wear the same clothes?

These kinds of inconsistency are the hallmark of a false story. People act rationally and in their own interests. Something led Sarah Palin to claim a pregnancy at 7 months, even though that claim would be considered dubious (which it was at the time).

I have concluded that the reason was that they could no longer hide the fact that Bristol was NOT pregnant and, hence, Bristol couldn't take credit for the impending birth.

So, who would both Bristol and Sarah agree to cover for a real pregnancy?

Good luck trying to prove Bristol is Trig's mother. You won't be able to because she isn't. If she were, we'd already have proof.


Scott said...

This photo showed up early on, although it's hardly definitive.

Scott said...

take two:


Scott said...

my bad, join the link below.

Anonymous said...

Bristol's middle initial is "S," perhaps her middle name is "Sarah," being oldest daughter?
Here is how I know:
I cannot seem to embed the picture, but if you look up the traffic violation/ticket she received, it clearly says "Bristol S. Palin."

Scott said...

Hey ya I saw that ticket as well, I'm thinking it's probably Sarah too, but all of the other Palin children have at least two middle names.

Bristol Sarah Amber Palin?

Anonymous said...

Let's say Bristol is Trig's biological mom, and she was hidden from the public because of this, giving mono as an excuse. Then Sarah & 1st Dude adopted him at birth. Why couldn't they just say that they adopted Trig, without revealing that Bristol was the mom? Would Bristol's absence from school point to her being the mom? It does anyway!

Tina in CA said...

Did anyone notice that the link Audrey posted here about the birth of the child to Amber & Levi no longer goes all the way back to the 18th. The last birth listed is now April 28th. Hummmmmmmmm............ Interesting............