Monday, October 13, 2008

Tight Abs?

Sarah Palin, in her interview with filmmaker Frank Elan, states, "My abs were tight and I could hide it." She is referring specifically to why no one noticed she was pregnant prior to her announcement on March 6th, 2008 - approximately five weeks before the video was shot.

A physician sent the following in via email:

As a physician, who also happens to be an engineer, I am once again struck by how utterly uneducated this erstwhile cheerleader is - to the point that she can't even conjure up an convincing lie.

Two of the fundamental principles of physics are called, "impenetrability of matter," which, simply put, means that two objects may not occupy the same place at the same time, and "incompressibility of liquids and solids," which means neither can be squeezed into a smaller volume - unlike a gas. They take up the space they take up, and there is no way to squeeze them into a smaller volume, tight abs or not.

It is precisely the skinny women who cannot disguise their pregnancies, because the expanding uterus, containing solids and liquids, occupies a certain volume, and all surrounding tissues must move out of the way to make room, and it always gives a characteristic appearance - the so-called "baby bump." There are no exceptions to this rule. Obese women can, for a time, hide their pregnancies because, well, an extra twenty pounds looks like the last twenty pounds, but a woman with "tight abs" is the very woman who shows her pregnancy first.

Looks like Gov. Palin missed physics at those five colleges she attended.


Sunshine1970 said...

Yeah. Tight abs excuse doesn't cut it. Have a co-worker who's aunt was pregnant a few years ago. She was very athletic, tight abs, great shape, but she was showing. No way to suck it in after a time. She was one of the lucky ones who didn't seem to gain much weight during her pregnancy, and was back to her pre-pregnancy weight after just a few weeks. The tight abs helped her regain her shape, I'm sure.

We have a very skinny athletic lady now at work who's pregnant. She's about 4-5 months along (I think) and she's already showing.

So, the tight abs theory just doesn't cut it.

Madam Vixen said...

It is you whom is misinformed... Just so happens that I am a mechanical engineer and I moonlight as a personal trainer/ MMA fighter. I am 5'11, and had a rock solid frame before pregnancy with wash-board abs(rock-solid to the touch). There is a big difference between being skinny and having tight abs.

I am 6 months pregnant and I AM NOT SHOWING, my midsection is substantially wider(This became noticeable to myself only at 4 months, my husband cant really tell the difference) from 28inches to 36inches, but there is no protrusion and I still have abs. I look like I have a corona-fetish. I believe "showing" may also vary in regards to a womans height.

So please, educate yourself and other women that just because one is skinny does not mean that they are in "shape". A woman that weighs 120lbs, can be just as obese as a woman that weighs 210 lbs, it all comes down to body-fat percentages. Good-luck.