Sunday, October 19, 2008

Off Topic - But Don't Miss This.

This group so far has nothing to say about the topic of my website. But they've talked to numerous people in Wasilla and much of what they have to say is important to see.

The Wasilla Project

I also have some links to specific videos on my links page.


Tina from CA said...

Not part of this blog, but just wanted to say that this photo is the second I've seen of Piper with a pacifier. WEIRD!!!

I think it will open if you click on my blue name.

Anonymous said...

Also off topic, but there is a fascinating article in the New Yorker

about how John McCain came to pick that sexy MILF Sarah Palin over his first choice - that decidedly unsexy (and pro-choice) Joe Lieberman.

Here's the deal according to the article -- some right-wing pundits were on organized right-wing cruises to Alaska in the summer of 2007. They met Sarah and were bowled over by her MILF quality.

Fred Barnes, co-host of the Fox News program "The Beltway Boys" and executive editor of the right-wing "The Weekly Standard" took away the following from his summer 2007 meeting with Sarah: She was "exceptionally pretty."

Here's what conservative historian Victor Davis Hanson (reportedly Dick Cheney's favorite historian) took away from his summer 2007 meeting with Sarah, as he recalled her walking around the "rough Alaska floors" of the Governor's mansion in her MILF high heels: "'Hi, I'm Sarah.'" She was "striking."

Here is what Jay Nordlinger, senior editor of the National Review, had to say: "a former beauty-pageant contestant, and a real honey, too. Am I allowed to say that? Probably not, but too bad."

Also cruising Alaska and getting turned on by the Gov was Richard Lowry, editor of the National Review. Remember him? He's the one who saw "little starbursts" after Palin winked, seemingly right at him, during the VP debate.

And who was Palin's biggest booster - none other than Dick Morris. Maybe you remember him? He was a former advisor to President Clinton, who resigned after a newspaper published pictures of him on a hotel balcony with a prostitute. (The scandal made the cover of Time Magazine on September 9, 1996, with a cover picture of Morris and his decidedly non-MILF wife.)

Anyway, according to the New Yorker article, these were the gang of guys who got Sarah her VP nomination. McCain wanted Lieberman, but this gaggle of turned on convervative guys turned MCain on to Palin's charms.

The article also quotes a longtime McCain friend saying that "I am a hundred per cent sure they didn't know" about whether McCain knew Bristol was pregnant when McCain tapped Sarah for VP. (Another campaign aide insisted McCain did know).

Sarah may be different than other mortal women in that having such "tight abs" she can bear a baby without ever looking pregnant. But I do take comfort in the fact that unless that crazy witch-hunting minister praying over her really does have supernatural powers, she is right on the cusp of aging out of the good looks that turned on the right-wing guys and made them seem "starbursts." Sure Sarah can get plastic surgery like Madonna and Demi and those other aging Hollywooders she despises, but plastic surgery can only do so much and she will lose that MILF quality that I think is the key to her presence on the national stage. Karl Rove can only buy her so much botox. And then we can all breathe a sigh of relief because the wicked witch of Wasilla will truly be irrelevant again.

Anonymous said...

We're definitely going off topic here, eh?

Dependence on a pacifier by children is the post-toddler phase is definitely indicative of some sort of deep dysfunction.

Audrey, you have attracted some great minds here.

Weener From WA

Audrey said...

It may be one of those candy pacifiers. You know, the part you suck is really hard candy. It does look strange, though.