Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Photo Sleuths...

We need you.

Here's a photo that's come up a few times in the last few days. I am sure I saw this photo previously, and rejected it as having any relevance to our topic, but I can't remember where I saw it. Now, it's been posted on Flickr with a date of early April. I don't think that's right, but need to pin it down. So where's it from?

Update: WOW! Was that ever quick! (Why can't things happen that fast with my teenagers?)

Alert reader MC has correctly identified the source of the photo: A trip made by Gov. Palin to Dillingham Alaska in June of 2007. It has NO relevance to our timeframe of interest. Places that claim it dates from early April 2008 are incorrect.


MC said...

I believe this photo is from a visit the governor made to Dillingham, AK in June 2007. It probably came from this set by photographer Tricia Ward:


I don't see that exact photo, but I know at least one of her pictures from this visit has been published. Maybe if it's a picture that's been used in the media, it's been taken off of Flickr--just a guess.

laurie said...

mc is right--this specific photo is credited to Tricia Ward on allamericanpatriots.com.

laurie said...


Found it here, with an upload date of June 3, 2007.

Tina in CA said...


I found it here in an article. As mc said....it's a Tricia Ward photo.

Tina in CA said...

There are more photos from that shoot. You can find more on:


Tina in CA said...


These appear to be the summer of 2007 according to the site above.

Tina in CA said...

Sorry for so many posts...I keep finding more.

Here is the exact photo that says it was taken June 3, 2007


Sleuth for Truth said...

Searching stock photo houses may be useful. I searched at Gettyimages.com.

First I searched on Palin and then within that set of over 1,000 photos, searched on Bristol (60 photos returned) and Willow (40 photos returned) and Trig (33 photos).

Search on “governor alaska” with the date range 08/01/2007 to 08/02/2008. There is a photo from December 6, 2007 of her 82601819 or 82601813 or 82601849. The 82601813 photo shows her in a very tight, form fitting jacket with her hands on her hips.

Lots of Sarah Palin/Wasilla film footage…for sale:


At the Iron Dog 2008 race there is quite a bit of Sarah in this video from February 2008:


Stock photography site:


There are no dates on the photos, but the first couple are of her holding Trig, so must those are April or May 2008??

Anonymous said...

This seems to be Bristol's real facebook page?
I am not a member of facebook, but perhaps someone who IS can send her a message, just to see if she is ok (no disrespect to her please).

Anonymous said...

This is taken from an anonymous poster on this site on the 24th September

“Thanks for bringing up other questions, too. Like why was Bristol in Wasilla in February (accident) if she was supposed to be in school in Anchorage?

And what about Sarah’s monthly doctor's visits? When did she visit her doctor in Wasilla if she was in session in Juneau? On the weekends? But no one in Wasilla saw her.”

Maybe the reason Bristol was in Wasilla was for doctors visits, or did I miss it and was she there the whole time?

Also I picked up on that if Todd was seen pacing the corridors of the hospital; don’t you think that if his wife was giving birth he would have been in the room with her.


Anonymous said...

Dipseydoodle, that's a very good point about Todd pacing in the hospital corridors. Dads don't get the luxury of pacing anymore.

Ohio mom

sarah.hoax said...

Todd's pacing? We are really getting far out there now! Labor was reportedly going on for hours and certainly Dad or Husband can have a break out of the room for a few minutes to get some fresh air. That means nothing!

Jay Raskin said...

It is now eight days since Sarah Palin said she would release medical records to Brian Williams.

I appreciate that she has been involved in half a dozen major scandals since her campaign began two months ago, but why aren't mainstream media reporters asking her for them? Don't they even suspect that this is a sign that there is something drastically wrong with them?

Anonymous said...

Recent family photo?


from this newly breaking story:http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/10/28/cbsnews_investigates/main4554071.shtml

Also interesting that Levi is holding Trig...

(so sorry about your dog Audrey.)

Anonymous said...

On my last post, looks like those may be from Sept 3, 2008...

Ok so I am not a super sleuth by any stretch of the imagination...:)


Anonymous said...

It just dawned on me that Bristol could have had the baby anywhere, which is why Trig is not on the newborn list at Mat-Su. Bristol could have had Trig shortly after her water broke--while Sarah was changing planes. Sarah and Todd show up at the hospital and check in (there should be records of this). Trig is "delivered" to the hospital, and Sarah allows the proper amount of time to "give birth" while Todd paced in the hall.

The same doctor could have helped Bristol deliver the baby. She wouldn't need to be in two places at once. Unlike "time of death," time of birth cannot be accurately determined, especially without witnesses.

Anonymous said...


Still no Medical Records from Palin; What's the Hold Up?

Lower 48

Audrey - I am so, so sorry about the loss of your dog. They bring so much joy into our lives. It’s devastating when they die.

ebenezer said...

It appears that Palin is simply going to sit this out crying foul every time anyone asks perfectly reasonable questions of her and repeating the same old lies as she goes from place to place.

I find it incredibly hard to believe that with all the information already available to the public that there is no serious pressure put on Palin.
I find it sad that America and Britain, wage wars in other parts of the world to export 'democracy'.
I can't imagine any right thinking people believing that this current election campaign remotely resembles dmocracy.

Morgan said...

I know this has been suggested here before but just in case someone missed it, I'm going to suggest it again. Some of the long URL's posted here are not coming completely through.

If you're posting them, it's because you think them relevant to discussion and it's a shame for you to go to all the work of including good links only to have them not come through in your comment.

So, PLEASE, if you have a lengthy link to include go to http://www.tinyurl.com and convert it to a short, neat link that can be included in your message and actually utilized by readers.

It's really easy. I'd like to even suggest to Audrey that she include a link to tinyurl.com in her sidebar for convenience.

Mary G. said...

I wonder if any of you have seen the Tina Fey interview on Conan O'Brien, where she talks about doing SNL with Palin there. She says that Palin asked about Fey's three year old daughter, and offered Bristol as a babysitter!!! Even Fey suggested it was a bit much to offer Bristol's services on the girl's birthday. But Bristol is clearly great with kids.... Mary G. (no link--this is easy to find on huffington post and by googling...)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who wonders why the main stream media isn't screaming for Palin's medical records. Even my husband, not a conspiracy theorist, says that that is appalling and believes they are trying to hide something.
Regarding Bristol's facebook .. there is no way that that really belongs to Bristol in my opinion. She's an 18 year old girl with a lot of mixed up feelings and I find it hard to believe she could write something so politically correct. I just don't buy it.
Saw quickly today on Yahoo news .. it was abruptly taken down .. that Sarah Palin said that if BO wins the elections, we will have four years of non-action. I'm paraphrasing because my memory doesn't work so well these days. I saw it, it's gone now. Maybe it will be on the news tonight. How does she know? Is she a fortune teller? I can't wait for this whole thing to be over.
Regards to all here who have at least shared the feelings of disbelief and shock at the nominee we have been forced to accept. Also, my sincere condolences for the loss of your beloved pet, Audrey.

katanalori said...

Has anyone mentioned before the fact that Sarah refers to Track as "my one and only son" on Charlie Rose show? Link here:

katanalori said...

mea culpa and so sorry, Sarah said "My one and only son" to Charlie Rose in 2007, before Trigg's birth. Still an interesting interview, however. It shows how clueless she is (but does not relate to our topic).

Silver Salmon said...

bOn the main page of the site, there is a section about how Trig was once listed on the Mat-Su Regional Hospital Birth Register
(http://www.palindeception.com/subpages/subpage4.html - Google has three search results*, Yahoo one, and MSN five).

* Two as "Trig Palin," one as merely Trig.

I did some digging. While we cannot pull up the cache as to how it used to look, we can search further to get an idea of what was on the page.

The two children currently listed on April 18 are listed by first and middle names. The mother of one of the children is listed the same way. Both parents are listed by first and middle names on the other.

Trig Palin was listed as Trig Palin. No Paxson, no Van. Just Trig Palin.

No parents were listed. No Sarah, Todd, Bristol, or Levi. Trig's announced time of arrival (6:30 AM) and birth weight (6 lbs 2 oz) aren't listed. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson isn't listed as being delivery doctor.

Trig is apparently just there. He isn't even given the courtesy of "Baby Boy Trig," unlike "Baby Boy Isaiah" who also appears on that date.

MSN indicates that his name was still on the website through at least mid-July. I wouldn't be shocked if they cleaned it off when Palin was announced.

And a couple of photos...

April 23, 2008

MC said...

Silver Salmon...I also had the same questions about Google cache searches as you...

Back a bit ago, somebody posted that what Google search is actually picking up when it says "These terms are found only in links pointing to this page" is that there are other webpages out there (like this one, even) that have the terms Trig or "Trig Palin" and also include the link back to the nursery page(s) at the MatSu Regional website. So the search result is not actually saying that the phrase "Trig Palin" ever appeared on the actual page at the hospital's site; just that other pages out there referred back to that link and included the words or phrases of interest, as well.

After I read that explanation, I think I MOSTLY understood it. I wish I knew way more about cache searches or that I at least knew an expert in the field! I do wonder why I can search for the terms Trig and Bristol and not come up with any hits for a similar search, since I assume that a lot of pages linking back to the nursery at MatSu might include Bristol's name as well as Sarah's and Trig's. (I did get hits using the names Sarah and Trig together).

But when I search for the terms Trig and "not listed" together with a site search, I do get a hit (which thus fits with the above explanation). "Not listed" would probably be a common phrase to appear on any web page talking about Trig and linking back to the nursery pages at the hospital, since that's what everyone is wondering about.

I don't know how well I explained that; I hope it makes sense. If anyone knows more about it than I do (which wouldn't be too difficult!), please expound if you can. My guess is that nothing about Trig was ever listed on the website at all, since they might not have wanted to complicate matters by putting anything in writing if it wasn't absolutely necessary.

Anonymous said...

Re: Silver salmon's post:

Medical folks, is it normal for a premature, 5 day old special needs baby to be out and about (in Sara Palin's office)?

I'm just wondering.


Silver Salmon said...

Re: Cache.

The cache that Google and other search engines are picking up now is from mid-October. Trig only appears in links because the original page cache is gone. The link is the link from Google, MSN, or Yahoo.

This article (http://www.ktuu.com/Global/story.asp?S=8196190) states that Trig was about a month premature.

Six pounds isn't necessarily a low birth weight, especially for a Down's baby.

If Trig came from her womb, the flight was also especially risky because Down's kids are more prone to heart and respiratory issues. If the child had been born mid-flight, the plane would not have had near the amount of equipment for an as-stated premature, Down's syndrome birth.

I do think Trig has Down's. I do not think he was premature in the technical sense of the word. Palin may have been caught off guard, but I don't think he was more than a week or two prior to his expected date.

MC said...

Re: cache...although I wish it were different, I still believe that the explanation given before is probably correct. The first reference I saw to Trig's name "only appearing in pages linked" and not in the actual page was on a different website back in early September...may even have been September 1st. At that point, any cache that Google had stored was certainly from well before Palin's VP nom announcement. When I read that in mid-September, I was still able to pick up the occasional cached page that was pre-Aug 29th, with only "links pointing back".

Once I read the explanation for why, I concluded that the evidence points to the site search not meaning much. Still with the caveats I wrote in my earlier post, though. It may be that any information about Trig that appeared was cleaned off well before the VP nom, but IMHO seems less likely than them just never putting on anything in the first place.

GraceR said...

Thought I'd check out the birth weight of the other Palin babies. I couldn't find Track's birthweight (aren't boys usually heavier than girls?), but the 3 girls all weighed around 8 lbs. 8 oz. plus. So at 6 lbs. Trig was small for a "Palin" baby, suggesting he may have been a month early.

Anonymous said...

Silver Salmon, the photos you referred to have been taken down, by chance did you save a copy to post to Audrey? Thx