Saturday, October 4, 2008

Comment Deletion Policy

I have in the last few minutes deleted several comments that contained obscene or profane speech.

I wish to make it clear that I have NO intention of deleting comments that disagree with my positions. In fact, I welcome such comments. This website is NOT about "smearing" Sarah Palin. It's about asking for and demanding answers to legitimate questions that go to the very core of a person's character, a person that a major political party is asking us to vote for as vice president of the United States.

I absolutely welcome dissenting views. I would look forward to discussing opposing viewponts.

However, I see no need to leave up comments that offer no insight whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

And thank you for your efforts to ask the valid questions and keep this in the public eye until we get some answers. Back in the 70's McGoverns VP pick responded to rumors that he had been treated for depression. He came clean with the American people and for the good of the country and his party by resigning. The American people and the press cannot even have access to Palin to ask the questions. WHY? These are valid questions and the rumors have been all over Alaska well before being asked to be McCains VP. She still has not provided her medical records. I for one do not want someone in a governmental position who would fake a pregnancy and lie to the voters.

Anonymous said...

This has gone on long enough that pictures no longer answer the questions. I would like Palin to release her medical records. That way it is no longer just her word which I no longer trust watching her spew lies the way she has, but it is her attending doctors license on the line also.

Just me said...

I found that Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson's medical license in Alaska 'naturally' expires this December. I'll be interesting to see if she renews or amazingly retires young and move to the lower 48 - or better yet, Hawaii!