Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Off Topic - But Not Sure Quite What to Make of This...

When Sarah Palin was selected as the Republican Party's Vice Presidential nominee, she was widely regarded as a complete unknown, a long shot, a total surprise. But there have always been the "dark side," that has suggested that this nomination was a done deal, a long long time ago. I never thought there was even a snowball's chance this was true...

As I have delved into the shaping of Gov. Palin, I have been continually taken aback at how much talk there really was regarding her as a potential VP, going back to the beginning of her term as Alaska's governor.

There's this article from the New Yorker which details her efforts dating to 2007. It's a good place to start and I strongly recommend you read it all.

There's an interview from February 2008 in Washington DC (I believe this was with a local TV station) in which she's asked specifically about the nomination. (Unfortunately I can't find the link for this right now. I know I had it in email, but I apparently never added it to the site. If anyone can find this, please send it to me.) Then there's another from Los Angeles, only a week or so later, in which the topic comes up again. We know that the topic came up at the infamous Republican Governor's Energy Conference in Texas where she was when her labor supposedly began, and she did not rule out accepting the nomination.

And then there's this odd little comment. It's almost a throw-away. I missed it the first few times I read the article, because I was focusing on exactly what was said about Bristol's whereabouts, and when. It's from the article in the Alaska Magazine, which was published in the February 2008 edition, but written, as nearly as I can put it, around December 15th, 2007.

“She can be on the phone with Dick Cheney and have (Republican Senate President) Lyda Green right outside her door, and her kids call and she goes, ‘Oops, hold on,’” said Leighow, the deputy press secretary. “Her kids trump everyone, and I think that’s pretty neat.”

The sentence is here in the context of what a great mom she is... and that's how I read it the first few times I saw it. But... hold on. Dick Cheney? THE Dick Cheney? Vice President of the United States Dick Cheney? The Dark Lord himself?

Why is Dick Cheney calling Sarah Palin before December of 2007?

Am I crazy? Or is this really really odd? And more than a bit troubling?


MC said...

Hmmm...that is really, really interesting. I imagine Cheney wouldn't waste his time talking to anyone unless there was a compelling reason.

There was something else I read recently and I can't remember where, now, about this very topic---maybe a commenter here or on another blog. Anyway, the general idea was that SP was tapped for the VP position a long time ago, like you're saying, and that they basically finalized the deal when she was in DC this past February for the Governors' Conference.

After reading that, and reading this post, it clears up in my mind the question of why they might go so far to hide a 17-year-old's pregnancy, even if she was in the public eye. I've been puzzling over that one for a while. If they were afraid it would be a complete deal-killer for the VP nod--well, greater motivation there, no doubt.

BTW, has anyone even seen Cheney during the past two months? I can't figure out what they've done with the man...

Sleuth said...

Not related to the Cheney issue....

I keep looking in odd spots in ways other than searching on “Palin” to find photos. I am hoping to find something useful this way.

Mr Whitekeys appears to be some comedian, but there is some footage of Palin (I am assuming right after the announcement) of her in a red suit. Has anyone seen that footage before or know where it comes from?

Additionally, it is mentioned that she posed for Vogue recently (appearing in the February 2008 edition).

The article has been shortened for – anyone have the entire article and extra photos from it?

In trying to date the photos from the Vogue shoot, I found this:

“Gov. Palin has received a lot of media attention this year, but the latest national outlet to notice her is unique in that it is NOT a news source, but rather a fashion magazine. According to the Anchorage Daily News, the governor and her three daughters spent Wednesday morning doing a photo shoot for Vogue Magazine. The pictures will appear in Vogue's February issue, which will actually hit shelves in late January.”

Since the post was from December 14, 2007, this means that the photos were taken Wednesday, December 12, 2007. This statement indicates that all three daughters were there getting photos taken. Where are these photos?

According to Anchorage Daily News:

“Photographers took shots of Palin -- often including her daughters Bristol, 17, Willow, 13, and Piper, 6 -- to be published in an upcoming issue.”

“Vogue photographers picked the right day for the shoot, with a fresh layer of snow serving as a backdrop at her home about 40 miles north of Anchorage.”

KTVA news has an article which obviously dates from early 2008, but was strangely “last updated 08/29/2008” and states:

“Meanwhile, daughters Bristol, Willow and Piper Palin joined their mother in some photo shoots. Palin typically is pressed into discussions of federal corruption probes and energy issues from national media. Instead she fielded questions of fashion and women in leadership.”

I am assuming then that no one in the photo shoot looked pregnant or wore anything that would show that they were obviously pregnant?

Sleuth for Truth said...

Previous post about Vogue and the girls being photographed written by Sleuth was me, Sleuth for Truth.

Sleuth for Truth said...

Cheney, back in 2001, met with the Resource Development Council for Alaska. (See

I am assuming that due to energy issues (oil and gas) being plentiful and profitable in Alaska, the White House would have contact with the governor and any energy-related organizations within that state.

So…in July 2008 she appoints Sharon Anderson to the Aerospace Development Corporation Board of Directors who was once on the Board of Resource Development Council for Alaska AND also appoints Jeffrey Y. Foley to the Forestry Board who is a current member of the Board of Resource Development Council for Alaska.

On January 10, 2007, “Larry Hartig has accepted the position of DEC Commissioner” and “present Director of the Resource Development Council”

And, of course, Palin was a member of this same Alaska Resource Development Council if you look under organizations.

And, is an official “ex-officio member” of AKRDC.

I don’t find it particularly strange that she would be chatting with Cheney dating back to her membership on this council.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure lots of people were in the pipeline early on as potential VP choices. Names aren't named so that no one's reputation takes a hit if they're not picked.

As for Palin, how many female conservative governors ARE there? Of course she was being looked at.

I don't find this sinister at all, or of any concern with regard to her VP qualifications. Frankly, I'd feel better believing these things are done with a little forethought!

All the evidence is that in spite of any early scrutiny, in the end she was a last minute, poorly vetted pick. And we all know where it's gone from there. -jwc

Marcy said...

Thanks again, Audrey: this whole subject is fascinating.
The last news I saw about Cheney was his trip through the same countries where Barack Obama had traveled: as if Cheney was making sure that all his contacts/contracts were still solid.
If I were to speculate on the value this woman could have to those currently in power? It's that religious cadre. "Sarah's Army" is a media quirk. Bishop Muthee & co. have developed 'Joel's Army'. And they're not kidding. Before Palin was put forward for VP, I couldn't believe that sector of US people was large, much less powerful. Now I'm convinced they're not only out there, but they're deadly. And she's their figurehead. sadly, grammy

micky-t said...

My gut feeling, is that your not off topic at all! You just might of caught the beginning, of a well thought out plan from the Dark Lord himself.

Mary G. said...

Audrey--I, too, noticed the Dick Cheney comment, but I was intent on trying to figure out the actual date of that article..... The longer timeline represented by these stories would also explain how they could cover their tracks--or even make sure there were no tracks to cover (i.e., take your daughter out of school). As for speaking to Dick Cheney on the phone, well, it sure beats going hunting with him! please, please, let this story come out.... I hope you get tons of credit, Audrey.
best, Mary

Morgan said...

He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named doesn't just call people for his health. If this was an actuality and not just an example then it is *very* telling.

Excellent, excellent sleuthing, Audrey. I can think of more than a few newspapers who'd like to have someone like you on their payroll.

Mary G. said...

News Flash!!! Cajun Boy has spilled some of the details of the story on his (I think)--it's the Anchorage Daily News that has the story---but has not as yet published it.... the scoop has to do with Trig's birth.
--Mary G.

Anonymous said...

So now we finally have the name of the newspaper that is holding back on the story about Palin. Cajunboy is urging his readers and other concerned citizens to contact the paper and put the pressure on them to run the story.

This election is too important for the voters to not have all the facts!


Anonymous said...

News Update:
Cajun boy is letting it be known that it is the Anchorage Daily News who are sitting on the rumoured Palin bombshell article and are dithering over publishing it:

Anonymous said...

The casual reference to Dick Cheney implies that he has called Palin more than once.

I'm sure that one of the unwritten responsibilities of VP is to keep in touch with governors of the same party. Good thing Sarah won't learn that part of the job description.

Anonymous said...

As the lengthy AP Story into the Trans-Canada gas pipeline confirmed, Cheney was in contact with Palin as the behest of the large US energy companies who were upset about the bidding process and that it favored Trans-Canada. Cheney's calls were to no avail; Trans-Canada got the deal. I do not think that Cheney or the Bush Admin. is tight with Palin. See

Mionyx said...

Well... If she was given any indication that she was being considered for a VP position... one would think that she might have studied up on foreign policy a little. Maybe they knew they were looking at her for the VP pick, but I can't see that they gave her any indication of it...


MommaKat said...

I am combing my favorited articles for the reference, but I know Limbaugh mentioned Palin as a possible VP pick in July 2007. Looking back at other articles and records I was able to unearth, it's clear she was protogé to Murkowski and Stevens in Alaska. Her anti-corruption bid against the 'bad boy' republicans was nothing more than a ruse. Both Murkowski and Stevens appeared at affluent, big bucks fundraisers along side Sarah.

These types of things are always long in the making, and honestly, the GOP knew well before the end of the primaries that either Clinton or Obama would be the Dem nominee. Either would require someone seemingly apart from the mainstream GOP of Bush policy, and they'd already used Sarah to save the proverbial life of the GOP up in Alaska. Plus, she was already being groomed by Murkowski and others for the national stage further down the road.

As to the Cheney call, it makes sense when you look at Palin's career in this light. Given the plans she and others had for her career, a pregnant underage daughter would not play well to the conservative base or evangelicals. I doubt they realized just how many people on the net would catch and raise questions about the birth story. I'm a registered nurse, and was calling and blogging about it within six hours of her nomination, many medical professionals were much quicker than that. The GOP consistently under estimates the power of the wired community.

Oh, and as for Cheney sightings, how incredibly ironic that the Dark Lord himself went on the stump for McCain on Halloween?!?

Anonymous said...

I would imagine that the GOP keeps a list of "friends," fellow Republicans whom they can tap as vice presidents, Supreme Court justices, spokespeople, etc. SP is young, pretty, photogenic, energetic, and a right-wing Evangelical--perfect for the GOP. Of course she's proven that she's dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to knowing anything about national issues.