Friday, October 17, 2008

Help Me Locate...

A picture of Bristol Palin which was supposedly taken at the Governor's Picnic in July 2008. I have seen this more than once, but did not download it or save it. It apparently appeared initially on an Alaskan blog called "Progressive Alaska," but the picture now appears to have disappeared. Anyone have it?


Anonymous said...

Here's one

She doesn't look like she had a baby 3 months prior, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

and another

Anonymous said...

I guess one iterate through all the id numbers.


Anonymous said...

oops - duh ... you asked for Bristol. Sorry. Just looking for pictures I will say this .. SP is an attractive woman. Still can't stand her politics and don't believe her story, but I can see the attraction.

Anonymous said...

Here is one picture with Bristol in it.

She certainly doesn't look pregnant - if she is due December 18, she got pregnant in March and would have been several months along when this picture was taken. Doesn't look pregnant at all. When is SP going to remove this picture, like all the others?

Anonymous said...

Actually, this picture lends credence to Dangerous' theory about Willow. She is all covered up. And neither Sarah nor Bristol look like they had just given birth three months prior. They both look thin.

Anonymous said...

Did you know there is a way to see WHERE all of you bloggers are from as well as WHAT you are reading and writing?

I find it interesting that MOST of the negative posts are generated from states like ILLINOIS, OHIO, Pennyslyvannia...

Is this a coincidence? Sounds more like a DNC operation. Deny it all you want. We know better. Good thing only a few read this garbage.

Anonymous said...

Why is there so much anger about this? In a few weeks Sarah Palin could be our Vice President and there are some troubling questions about her last pregnancy which leave only two possibilities:
1. Trig is not Sarah Palin's son.
2. Sarah Palin was unthinkably reckless and endangered the life of a special needs baby.
Which is it? Why are we wrong to ask?
Lower 48

Anonymous said...

By the way I live and am registered to vote in NY and I'm from Massachusetts.
Lower 48

Anonymous said...

Re the last post, you know what is ironic. Before the National Enquirer broke the John Edwards story, I was getting emails from every Republican I knew about John Edwards' infidelity because it was all over the right-wing blogosphere.

That wasn't considered a violation of the Edwards' family privacy (after all they were writing about what I was told was his infant daughter). But suddenly right wingers believe fervently in Sarah Palin's right to privacy.

What a crock. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Just release the medical records and have Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson make a statement. If it's not true, kill the story. Otherwise the story won't die despite threats that you are watching us. Does Sarah Palin control the CIA in addition to battling Putin when he flies into Alaska airspace?

Anonymous said...

This picture was taken at the Alaska State Fair probably on Aug 21.

If Bristol is due on Dec. 18th, she is more than 5 months pregnant in the above picture.


Anonymous said...

She was at the State Fair on Aug. 21


Anonymous said...

No one is angry here. Just observant. Seems like the only anger comes from those who 'protest-eth too much."

There is also quite a bit of paranoia. No one is watching anyone - it's just another pertinent observation. I haven't seen the DNC deny it is part of this blog. Until I get proof to the contrary, I have no choice but to believe that the DNC is part of the blog.

There are only a FEW people asking VALID and tough questions here. The rest are just spinning, sp[ining, spinning. How much are you being paid by the DNC?

If you are not being paid, how on earth did you ever get internet access at the institution? Especially after the stalking convictions.

Anonymous said...

To the last poster, just answer two questions.

Did the National Enquirer improperly stalk John Edwards? Did you write a letter of protest to the National Enquirer?

If your answer is yes to both questions, then I give you credit for being consistent.

If your answer is no, then I believe you are a HYPOCRITE.

P.S. I have no relation to the DNC. I am a citizen journalist who wants the truth about my politicians. I would never vote for John Edwards after what the National Enquirer revealed about him because it showed that he has extremely poor judgment and lies. I want the same information about Sarah Palin.

Audrey said...

Obviously, I can't speak for everyone who posts comments here. I am pretty sure that by now the Obama campaign, the McCain campaign, the DNC, the RNC, as well as the major news networks are all checking this out. I am certainly being fed tips from time to time that I would never have found on my own. Who is doing it, I have no clue.

However, I am a physician's wife, childbirth educator, and lactation consultant from Virginia. My husband was almost certainly going to vote for McCain until he chose Palin. If McCain dumped Palin tonight and picked someone on my hubbie's short list, my husband would probably STILL vote for him. (I wouldn't.)

We got started on this for one reason - we were both personally convinced that her "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" birth story was a crock, and the "why would she lie?" question has ballooned into this.

Virtually nothing that I have seen in the last month has caused me to question my initial impression - which is that she was hiding something major. What exactly that is, I am not sure. However, my best guess has been, and still is, that she is not the mother of Trig Palin.

Anonymous said...

Show me the Proof...

that this blog is not populated by those who are being inspired, compensated or otherwise tacitly encouraged by the DNC?

Where is the documentary evidence? Just saying you're not part of the plotisn't good enough.

Anonymous said...

There are people, like myself and many others monitoring this board who are intellectually curious and wanted to find out as much as possible about the candidates running for the highest offices in this land. I live in NY and have NO connection to the DNC (I am an independent) - just have a good head on my shoulders and am extremely curious about the Palin family story as it does not add up. There's no conspiracy going on here - just some educated people with good Internet search skills trying to find out the truth. If you want to put these rumors to rest, why don't you request that the McCain campaign produce some evidence -- believe me, I would like to end this conjecture as well.


Anonymous said...

I don't think it is out of line to suggest that you follow your own advice and offer evidence that this is not simply one more grassroots tactic by the DNC to discredit a women who is part of a national ticket.



Sunshine1970 said...

Inspired? Compensated? Encouraged? By the DNC?

Not even close. I usually don't pay that much attention to politics, but being a female VP pick she intrigued me. I obviously wanted to know more. But hearing her birth story just sounded so unbelievable that I went digging for more The more I read, the more I feel something just isn't right.

Oh, and I'm in Texas. One of the reddest states out there.

I respect three of the four candidates. The only one who scares the crap outta me is Palin. I want her nowhere near the white house or Washington DC for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Re : "Show me the Proof that this blog is not populated by those who are being inspired, compensated or otherwise tacitly encouraged by the DNC?"

This blog is inspired by COMMON SENSE.

Why don't you prove that you are not inspired, compensated or otherwise tacitly encouraged by Karl Rove and Sarah Palin.

I noticed that you never answered the question whether you wrote to the National Enquirer to protest their stalking of John Edwards. What's good for the goose is apparently not good for the gander, if the gander happens to a certain Tight Ab'd politician from Alaska.

Release the medical records. Put an end to the controversy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to poke another hole in your assumption, but this reader is just a l'il ol' stay-at-home mom from a midwestern blue state that appears to be swinging heavily AWAY from McCain/Palin. I am definitely a Democrat, but have never convened, nationally or otherwise!

Frankly, I'm confused as to why it would matter if anybody here WAS associated with the DNC. I have no idea if the people pushing the John Edwards story into the public eye were Republicans; I guess I wouldn't doubt it. I can see why you might think the opposite is true here. My question is--what would it matter? Even though I was extremely disappointed to find out that the Edwards story was true (he was my original pick), I am glad that it came to light when it did. Although who knows what the extenuating factors contributing to his behavior were, IMHO it spoke to a lack of compassion and character that I had not yet seen in him.

Therefore, it's hard for me to imagine why any Palin supporter with common sense would NOT want to find out if something strange is going on here. There could also be extenuating circumstances, but it would be better to find out sooner rather than later if she plans to be on the national scene for any length of time. From all appearances, this Republican ticket has more than enough to sink it without the issue being resolved prior to the election. I'm guessing, though, that Alaskans might be interested in confirmation one way or the other, and if Palin is going to come back in 2012 at all, I for one would like to know, too.

If this all turns out to be crazy speculation, then it should be easy for them to put an end to it. You ask Audrey to provide proof that she is not with the DNC, as if that would change the outcome of this issue if it ever gets resolved. It's either all above-board, or it's not, and then what does it matter who asked the questions? If it is, then it can only help Palin. One might assume I'd be miserable then, right? Wrong--because I'd like to think that any potential leaders of our country are at least honorable men and women, even if I disagree with them in other ways. There IS no more important time than now for Palin to step up and do that. Again, IMHO.


Anonymous said...

Proof that the DNC isn't behind this rumor?

How does one prove a negative? Go to Critical Thinking 101 my friend.

As for Palin, the truth will come out eventually. People like her are their own worst punishment.

Hopefully she isn't VP when it does come out.

Send her packing back to AK and let her and her treasonous husband plot against the Union some more.


Anonymous said...

The Chicago Tribune just endorsed a Democratic presidential candidate for the first time in the paper's long history.

Here is what the Tribune had to say about McCain's pick of Sarah:

"McCain failed in his most important executive decision. Give him credit for choosing a female running mate--but he passed up any number of supremely qualified Republican women who could have served. Having called Obama not ready to lead, McCain chose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. His campaign has tried to stage-manage Palin's exposure to the public. But it's clear she is not prepared to step in at a moment's notice and serve as president. McCain put his campaign before his country."

The Los Angeles Times also just endorsed Obama. Here is what the Times had to say about John McCain and Sarah:

"Indeed, the presidential campaign has rendered McCain nearly unrecognizable. His selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate was, as a short-term political tactic, brilliant. It was also irresponsible, as Palin is the most unqualified vice presidential nominee of a major party in living memory. The decision calls into question just what kind of thinking -- if that's the appropriate word -- would drive the White House in a McCain presidency. Fortunately, the public has shown more discernment, and the early enthusiasm for Palin has given way to national ridicule of her candidacy and McCain's judgment."

Anonymous said...

You mean the DNC is paying us for being curious? Even us that will be voting third party this election?

I'll be waiting anxiously for my big fat check along with that check that Bill Gates is supposed to send me for forwarding emails. I'm gonna be so rich!!

Anonymous said...

Pics of Bristol Palin after April 18 but before the RNC convention aren't very meaningful, are they?

It is clear from many pix of her at the RNC that she may be breastfeeding and still chubby from her first pregnancy, and may or may not be pregnant again.

To the Republican troll (?) who is wasting everyone's time with accusations that the DNC is behind our comments here, with the intent to "discredit a Republican candidate," what a laugh! Palin does all the discrediting necessary every time she opens her mouth. She is sadly ignorant and a habitual barefaced liar. You have only McCain to blame for cynically choosing as a running mate this sad excuse for a small-time pol.

And by the way, as someone who usually votes Democratic or Independent, I'd be voting Republican this year if McCain were a Democrat and Obama a conservative Republican (though I have to say McCain is hardly a true conservative -- he's reckless -- and Palin's just a nut).

Because this year for me it's as much about the character of the candidates as about their policies.

Emma said...

I found this one, but you can only see Bristol's face.

It seems that the governor holds a picnic in three different places during July and August.

Anita said...

Nope - no DNC person here! When my hubby and I first moved to almost all Red Indiana 20 years ago, we were pretty sure we were 2 of only 10 or so Dems in the whole state! Now, there's a chance Indiana will vote with Obama!

Who needs the DNC snooping around blogs when the McPalin campaign discredits itself quite well?!?

Jack Bog said...

I found this one, but you can only see Bristol's face.

Emma, that is almost certainly Willow, not Bristol.

Jack Bog said...

I find references to at least two and possibly three different governor's picnics in July 2008. Here are some shots from the lt. gov.'s page from the July 18 version, in Wasilla. Check out SP, supposedly three months post partum and breastfeeding:

Uh huh.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who want a good laugh about our gal Sarah (for how else can you keep your sanity), check out the humor site 23/6

My personal favorite line about why they are endorsing Palin is:

Palin calms US-Russian relations by breast feeding Vladimir Putin

Anonymous said...

I am confused why the LA Times calls McCain's pick a "brilliant tactic". The other day Ann Curry of NBC asked her focus group of 6 people from Virginia if any of them knew a person who would not vote for Obama because he was black and 3 of the 6 raised their hands. She then asked if they knew anyone who would not vote for McCain because of his choice of Sarah Palin. All 6 people raised their hands. All 6!!!! This was not brilliant in any way, shape or form. This was the single biggest mistake he made. One has to question his judgement.

Morgan said...

"Show me the Proof that this blog is not populated by those who are being inspired, compensated or otherwise tacitly encouraged by the DNC?"'re seeing only what you want to see because you don't like people even asking these questions. And obviously you are skimming past the other states on the list. I'm from NC, which hasn't voted Dem since Carter. And I live in a community so conservative that I can't go down the street without tripping over a McCain-Palin sign.

And count me as another person who was quite willing to consider McCain before he made the baffling decision to pick Sarah Palin as a running mate.

I'm a registered Independent. I vote issues, not party, and Palin's inexperience and the disturbing questions her "pregnancy" raises are - for me - an issue.

Conservatives are fond of saying character counts until their candidate's character comes under fire. Then suddenly it's a conspiracy.

Jay Raskin said...

For anonymous who said

"SHOW ME the PROOF!" that this is not being financed by the DNC ( October 17, 2008 4:36 PM), please "SHOW US the PROOF!" that you are not financed by the RNC to stop the mystery about Trig's birth from becoming a campaign issue.

Your connection of Audrey with the DNC reminds me of the medieval peasants' logic in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail": A witch burns, wood burns; therefore a witch must be made of wood.

If you have pertinent information that will help us solve this mystery of Trig's birth, please contribute. If you do not, please refrain from making irrelevant associations without any evidence.

Anonymous said...

I'll show you mine...if you show me yours!

Anonymous said...

Here is a great link to all the missing information:

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