Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Comment about the National Enquirer

I have first hand knowledge of where the National Enquirer is on this issue because I am in communication with one of the reporters. They do pay their sources.

Here's the bottom line on this: I have stated elsewhere that I believe that one of the reasons this story has been so difficult to "crack" is that only a very few people actually know the truth, a small number of immediate family and a couple medical professionals and they ARE keeping their mouths shut. I believe that Bristol was kept almost completely sequestered during this period. I have no idea how.

Yes, it's true that the Enquirer has not been able to get anyone to stand up and state categorically that they saw Bristol Palin pregnant during the months of, say, Jan-April 2008. However, it's also true that they have not been able to get anyone to stand up and say that she was not pregnant. Not one person. Not one friend has been willing to go on record with the Enquirer and state: "I hung around with her all the time." "Here's a picture of us at Susie's birthday party which was in March." (Nowadays kids have MySpace pages and Facebook pages. They all have cell phones and digital cameras and are snapping pictures constantly.) From other reports, Bristol Palin was a popular girl (maybe too popular) with friends, and had an active social life. So where WAS she during the early months of 2008?

The Enquirer HAS tried. Don't lose sight of the fact that disproving this would be almost as valuable to them as proving it. They just want news, they don't care who Trig's mom is. Running an issue with a screaming headline, "Sarah is REALLY Trig's Mom" or something of the sort would sell a gazillion issues just as surely as "Bristol is Trig's Mom." A high school student who had a SINGLE datable picture from the period of 3-1-2008 to 4-17-2008 - datable because it's at a basketball game or birthday party - something that can be proved - in which Bristol Palin is NOT pregnant could make several thousand dollars or more from the Enquirer. The fact that they have not touched this issue is proof that they can't get a bead on it, either way.

And that says something.


Silvergirl said...

Well, Bristol had a bad case of momo, er, I mean mono, for 5 months before Trig was born. That's supposed to explain her absence.

I believe the truth will come out some day. I just don't know how or when.

Keep up the good work, Audrey.

Mary G. said...

It is incredible that no one can offer information on this. It really depresses me. I think someone should at least sneak a question in to Palin, self-proclaimed advocate of "special needs children" (McCain can't remember what the need is--autism?), although ONLY since she "had one herself"--see the footage of her on MSNBC, I think--not exactly an empathetic person..... anyway, why can't someone jump in and say, so you didn't tell anyone about the Down's, etc, yet you took huge risks with an unbelieveble labor and at an ill-equipped hospital. How could you! Also, I hope protesters go to that Alaska convention where Baldwin-Johnson is supposed to be a speaker. I am also appalled at this whole "hide" Bristol stunt. I mean, this is the 21st century! maybe someone can get a glimpse of her as she celebrates her 18th birthday Saturday. Whew!!Emancipation!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Audrey for the update about the Enquirer. I too had realized that this would have been a tough nut to crack.

It's better that they DON'T publish an article with unsubstantiated rumors before the election, as this would invite a terrible backlash among the very voters that Obama is trying to win over. I would hate to see signs at McCain rallies that say: "We believe in Sarah Palin", etc.

After the elections, the National Enquirer can go hogwild. Obama doesn't need this to win the election anyway.

The way to prove it one way or the other would be if Bristol gives birth to her (second) child on Dec. 18th. The Enquirer and the rest of the media can set up a "Countdown to Bristol's baby".

I personally believe that Bristol's child will be delivered sometime later Feb or early March next year.


Sandy Beach said...

mary g.:

I will be at that conference in Anchorage, which starts on Nov 3rd. I don't personally feel like confronting Dr B-J. I feel like Palin put her in a terrible position and she can't really stand up for herself without violating HPPA. So far, it seems like she hasn't lied and is just trying to save what is left of her reputation.

If you disagree, please tell me why.

Anonymous said...

Since this thread is the latest I will post this here. I heard an audio where SP says she knew about Trig's DS at 13 weeks. She said it. In this announcement of her pregnancy dated March 5, 2008 to the channel 2 news in Alaska, she says she doesn't expect the pregnancy will interefere... well, you can read it yourself. It is NOT consistent with someone who knows they are having a DS baby. I don't think this is the smoking gun, but wasn't she slightly concerned that she was going to have a Downs child? It didn't sound like it from this report.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the link to the announcement of Sarah Palin's pregnancy...NO ONE announces that they are SEVEN MONTHS pregnant and shocks everyone even their co-workers, especially with their FIFTH CHILD!!! I am struck all over again by what a lie this whole thing is. GRR....

Anonymous said...

"I don't think this is the smoking gun, but wasn't she slightly concerned that she was going to have a Downs child? It didn't sound like it from this report."

As I said before, I don't think Sarah is the "great role model" that McCain says she is. It appears that everything and everyone in the Palin family must revolve around HER. Only a selfish woman would ignore her teen-age children who are indulging in alcohol, drugs and sex and would drag her young children all over the United States instead of making sure they were being properly taken care of and in school. Is "wonder woman" also home schooling Willow and Piper in between her nasty campaign rallies?

Ohio Granny

Anonymous said...

Re the infamous Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson, it is true that she cannot comment on patients without their permission, in light of HIPPA. The real question is why Sarah Palin hasn't given Dr. Baldwin-Johnson permission to validate her pregnancy story.

And if you are at the conference, you could ask Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson whether she would care to comment on why she no longer has privileges at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. Did she suddenly resign because she thought it was a lousy hospital not good enough for her patients?

Anonymous said...

One would think that Dr. Baldwin-Johnson would simply make a formal statement if not for any other reason than to repair her own reputation.

It is interesting to compare her to Vicki Iseman who has now said in an interview with the National Journal Magazine that she did not have an affair with John McCain as had been suggested by the NYTimes.

The Editor of the National Journal writes:

"We could find no evidence that Iseman was making herself available now because of political motivations (to either help McCain or hurt McCain). Her motivation seemed more personal: to get her side of the story out in the hope that it would help mitigate the damage to her reputation from what she considered an unfair New York Times article."

Surely Dr.CBJ would want to do the same.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to remind folks that it is possible that Bristol gave birth to Trig earlier than April. I was trying to remember where I read it (not the easiest thing to Google) and came across this:

Eurovision said...

Why can't the Enquirer pay someone at the Health Department to take a picture of Trig's birth certificate?

Morgan said...

Good point, Audrey. I think what we're not seeing is as telling as what we're seeing. There are so many ways Sarah Palin could put this issue to bed if she wanted to - via photographic proof, medical records, etc. I know if someone were making these kind of suggestions about my child I'd be front and center defending her.

It's so puzzling how Sarah Palin goes to Wal-Mart in Ohio to prove what a great, everyday mom she is but won't come out and squelch rumors about whether her daughter is really the mother of her son.

People are blind, stupid or both.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this site for a few weeks and have the two main observations.

1) To answer the questions why doesn't Sarah Palin provide proof that Trig is her child? She has no pressing need to. Other than this blog and a few others, this "issue" is not on her radar.

2) I keep looking at the photos on the main page from April 2008 and have a hard time believing they don't show a pregnant lady. Anyone can wear a false stomach but her face is noticable changed.

Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Re the last post, sorry, nope, the face looks the same to me. Perhaps others will comment.

This story will not die because Sarah Palin's birth story doesn't make any sense.

Release the medical records.

Cat said...

To anon at 5:22 pm. IMO, you are missing a lot. Even if you believe that SP gave birth to Trig, there are so many inconsistencies in the story. For example, when did she first learn that the baby had Downs Syndrome? Where did she go for her prenatal appointments? Why did she want a physician with no specialization in obstetrics to deliver her special needs baby? As so many others have commented, if SP is Trig's mother, she exercised extremely poor judgment in the labor and delivery process.

Mary G. said...

to Sandy Beach: I do not mean to "order" anyone to protest; but it is an unbelievable breach of all kinds of ethical standards to be a party to this affair. No one forced Baldwin-Johnson or the other people involved to do this--they had to agree.
I know many wonderful families where grandmothers are raising their grandchildren, often due to teen pregnancies. This can be a fine way to keep a family together while the birth mother gets to finish school and finish growing up. There is no shame. Palin could have done this, rather than create a baroque melo-drama of the "easiest" no-show yet high-risk pregnancy of all time. And now she's the Joan-of-Arc of special needs children, whom she apparently never thought about previously. The doc should pay the professional consequences for these deceptions.

Anonymous said...

Talking of medical history, and I'm sorry but it is slightly off the topic of Palin, but the big question now going around is:

Does McCain have tardive dyskinesia: ?


Anonymous said...

Why not ask Dr. B-J at the conference if she would or would not advise a 44 year old patient of hers who was eight months along with a Downs syndrome baby and who was experiencing symptoms of labor and whose amniotic fluid was "leaking," to seek care at a hospital with a NICU?

gotyeast said...

Don't underestimate SP. I believe she has a large ego to feed; nothing short ot the top political post will do. The circumtantial evidence posted here will most likely remain unconfirmed.

aka anonymous 5:22

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey...just a comment regarding Bristol. On Sunday, the 13 Sarah Palin was filmed at a Walmart in Ohio buying diapers.Last night I saw this again and Bristol was with her and Trig...she is sort of in the background and then as they leave the store she moves forward, and you can clearly see that it is bristol, and she is pregnant. I have been trying to find the actual clip, but when I googled, I could only find the still picture.

But I am sure you will be able to find it. She would be 7 months at this point, but she is not that big.

FW from VA

Mary g. said...

I have tried to find the Walmart clip mentioned. the ones I came across do not seem to show anyone but Sarah, Trig (who never cries?!), secret service men, and adoring fans. see: does not mention Bristol; or I am still hunting! Also--I certainly looked "pregnant" for months after the birth of each of my children....

Lady Rose said...

I truly hope that the truth comes out.

Medical records are the only way (but those are confidential) - if Sarah Palin adopted the child, the birth certificate could be changed to say she was the mother.

Unless someone who knows for sure with proof comes forward - we may never know - but I think we need to keep searching and hoping.

Because even is Sarah Palin is Trig's mom - her decisions and behavior while she was in labor were seriously flawed and bring in to question her judgment.

Either way it's an important issue to get resolved.

I think that is why Sarah Palin won't both to prove this either way - because it makes her look bad either way.

There would have been no backlash if upfront they had just come out and said that Bristol was the mom - and Sarah adopted him. Who cares.

The only reason we care is because of the secrey.

Anonymous said...

The only clip I can find of the Walmart visit is this one:

and I don't see Bristol. Where did you see the video?

Anonymous said...

Unless you think the woman with the headband is Bristol, but if it is, she must have gotten her hair chopped recently. I don't think the face looks like her, and I don't think she looks pregnant, either.

Anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I've seen many pictures of Bristol and the woman in the headband doesn't look much like her.

She looks older, for one thing. And not at all pregnant.

She has a ponytail behind the headband, by the way.

I think she's an aide of some sort.

Anonymous said...

I think the woman in the headband does look a little like Bristol .. her behavior is sure odd. It's like she's standing there not moving waiting for something, and then suddenly was told she could move. Anyway, it's interesting. If it is Bristol, she doesn't look pregnant. Then again, it must not be her because they can't possibly be that stupid to show up in public with her not looking pregnant when she's supposed to be 7 months along. I literally can't wait for this baby to be born.


Anonymous said...

What worries me is that even when the baby is born, the jig won't be up because, as other posters have speculated, they can simply adopt one.
Lower 48

Anonymous said...

It bothers me that Sarah is out on the stump insisting that Barack Obama come clean about HIS associations Ayers and Acorn, but it is AOK for HER not to come clean about the birth of Trig. What a pathological liar and hypocrite!

Ohio Granny

Ima Sikadis said...


(The first part is the email REPLY fromt he Enquirer....the second part is the original message I sent earlier today (10/17)

Foir those of you who will read this and then slam off a reply saying this is fake...YOU go ahead and email the Enquirer tip line with a 'promising' tidbit and see what you get.

to me

show details 12:39 PM (1 hour ago)


No, we are not working on that story. The facts point to Trig is

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, October 17, 2008 4:03 PM
Subject: Tip submission

Submission from the NE Tip page:

Contact Info: use email
Subject: Palin

I heard you are working on a story that the baby, Trig is not Sarah's,
but Bristol's. Are you interested in a photo of Bristol in July showing
her prego that would refute that?

Anonymous said...

Here is something else (for what it is worth) that was in the local paper Wasilla. Does the plot thicken? Is the paper in on the coverup, too?

Frontiersman Birth announcement


Ima Sikadis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

A link to a GREAT Screensaver for all of us here.

Sunshine1970 said...

Ima Sikadis:

It is even scarier to me that she is the mother. The way she went about the delivery is just so gets me mad. Gah!

Ima Sikadis said...

I am willing to forward the email reply I received from the Enquirer to anyone on the blog:

Re: the delivery - I know a lot of people who have gotten on airplanes in their 8th month. I know a lot of people who have been forced to fly in their 9th month. It's the way it goes up in Alaska.

If you carefully read the news articles re: the SP delivery, you will notice SP never said she was in labor. She was not expecting to deliver at the time , she wanted to get home, however, just in case.

Was it amniotic fluid that leaked or not? We don't know.

I know a lot of women who Leaked like sieves...but it was just baby pressing on the bladder.

We do know, at least according to reports, that labor had to be induced at the hospital. OB's have a lot of reasons for inducing labor before term.

AS for the lack of an NICU at Mat-Su Regional - Providence in Anchorage is a 20 minute lifeflight away.

Given the circumstances, I don't think the decisions made about the birth were irresponsible.

Ima S

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Sarah gave birth to Trig, I have not seen anything laudable about her personal life or parenting skills.

Her oldest son Track (born 8 months after Sarah was married) was apparently an Oxycontin user with an anger management problem on ice. Her daughter Bristol is apparently a pot smoker, boozer and got pregnant outside of wedlock much to the "surprise" of her high-school dropout boyfriend.

Sure other parents have problems with their children, but then they don't shove their kids in our faces and proclaim themselves "role models".

Sarah Palin's family is mess.

And call me old-fashioned, but I don't think it is laudable that Sarah was one month preggers with Track when she tied to knot. Sure other women conceive outside of marriage, but most of them don't go around preaching for abstinence only education.

That's what bothers people about Sarah -- the unholy hypocrisy. At least be honest -- say, yeah, Todd knocked me up before marriage but that doesn't make it right. We should have been abstinent, but we weren't. We were both horny, we were stupid, whatever.

Is that too personal? Well, I think it is kind of personal when John McCain call you a "role model." Not a qualified leader, but a "role model."

Sarah is not my role model.

Anonymous said...

Ima S, Sarah has always said she hurriedly left Texas because she was leaking amniotic fluid. She never said that when she got back to Alaska, she found out it was really urine.

When she finally got to Mat-Su Regional Health Center, a simple test with litmus paper would have determined if it was amniotic fluid or urine. If it wasn't amniotic fluid, there was no need to induce labor.

Or wasn't Sarah telling the truth when she said she was leaking amniotic fluid and for this reason labor was induced?

Don't you think that Sarah always tells the truth?

Anonymous said...

At this point with all of the inconsistencies, I would like to see the medical records, and a statement from the doctor that Sarah actually delivered the baby. If Palin does not do this, then she deserves to have an ongoing investigation, with people attempting to get DNA from her, the baby and Bristol. I'd be surprised if someone, somewhere hasn't already gotten it.

Gadfly said...

First, I don't doubt the intimidation factor. As a newspaper reporter and editor in my day job, I've run into it before myself, in my case a school district superintendent who even used a combination of browbeating and bamboozlement to get a state inspector to change a review.

I have been on this since late September. Here’s my main blog post on the pregnancy faking. I've also blogged about Sarah's affair and the overall Palin family history as reported by the Enquirer — a real Alaskan Addams family.

(BTW, McCain campaign guru Steve Schmidt has never officially denied either the affair or the pregnancy questions.)

Next, I believe Bristol actually is pregnant. The "five months" I don't believe.

But, with a second pregnancy in a row, Bristol would know sooner, and Sarah could manipulate dates as she pleased.

Per a Ted Rall column I blogged about, Bristol may well never complete high school; she almost certainly won’t complete college. She and Levi will stay married less than a decade,

Anonymous said...

re: Ima Sikadis comment

"Re: the delivery - I know a lot of people who have gotten on airplanes in their 8th month. I know a lot of people who have been forced to fly in their 9th month. It's the way it goes up in Alaska."

Nonsense. '...know a lot of people who have gotten on airplanes in their eighth month?!' I don't believe a word of it; the airlines won't allow such shenanegans. And she didn't start out in Alaska; she started out in Texas. The airlines have been doing this a long time and that is not how they do business.

"If you carefully read the news articles re: the SP delivery, you will notice SP never said she was in labor. She was not expecting to deliver at the time , she wanted to get home, however, just in case."

Yes, I'm sure she parsed her words carefully, so she could have folks just like you say, 'See? Technically, she didn't lie.'

There are technical lies and lies by deceptive use of language. I don't want either kind of liar in the White House, and if McCain is elected, the chances of that are very high.

"Was it amniotic fluid that leaked or not? We don't know.

I know a lot of women who Leaked like sieves...but it was just baby pressing on the bladder.

We do know, at least according to reports, that labor had to be induced at the hospital. OB's have a lot of reasons for inducing labor before term."

Lots? Really? Name six... OK - I'll take it easy on you. Name three that would apply in this case.

"AS for the lack of an NICU at Mat-Su Regional - Providence in Anchorage is a 20 minute lifeflight away."

Good plan. Leave Texas, with advanced neonatal life support all over the state, fly many hours, supposedly leaking amniotic fluid, land at the only city in Alaska with a NICU, and drive to the booger woods to deliver a Down's baby...but that's OK, because you can retrace your steps in a helicopter in Alaska's always-balmy and cooperative weather. Very responsible action by the state's governor.

"Given the circumstances, I don't think the decisions made about the birth were irresponsible."

I hate to pull rank on you, but I've been a physician for thirty years and a pilot for thirty-two. Irresponsible doesn't touch it.

Actually, "truthful" doesn't touch it.


Ima Sikadis said...

Dr. Jim -

Rather than blogging about this, why don't you submit a formal complaint to the Alaska State Medical Board against Sarah Palin's physician?

Alaska State Medical Board
3601 C Street, Suite 722, Anchorage, AK 99503-5986
(907) 269-8160, Fax: (907) 269-8156

There is an online link to the complaint form on this page.

Be sure to list the sources of your information to expedite this investigation.

As for airline policies regarding pregnancy and flying; here is a summary of the policies of the major carriers in the US:

Given your experience as a pilot and a physician, you may be able to help correct the apparently 'nonsensical' policies that the major carriers have which allow pregnant travellers to continue to fly up until 7 days* of their due date.

*Women with letters from their physicians may fly on certain airlines during the final week.


Anonymous said...

hey Jim the "Dock-tor" aka Jim the Pilot -

I'm not saying I agree with Imas but her airline link made hash out of your nonsense remark. Me thinks he speaks without knowing what is true.

Can you let everyone know where you practice and what airline you fly for so we can be sure to avoid any encounters with you?

say hey to Joe the plumber for me.


Anonymous said...

Here is a great link to all the missing information:

Consider This

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOH, it appears the Palin faithful are now threatening the bloggers who dare to question what the truth might be. OOOOOOOOOH I am so scared. But on the bright side, a lawsuit might be what it will take to bring the truth out and Palin/Dr. Cathy Baldwin Johnson may have to take the stand UNDER OATH and with cameras in the courtroom. Oh, what ratings!!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch. Just when I was resigned to believing that Palin was just an opportunistic rube. Now it's hard to wonder how she COULDN'T be an opportunistic, rube, drowing up to her neck in lies.

Do Mooseburgers cmpel you to lie? Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

Actually, mooseburgers are much healthier for you than eating processed beef from the CAFOs so that can't explain Palin's behavior.