Monday, October 27, 2008

Quick note about out of order posts

Please note that there is a new post about Bristol's schedule "More About Bristol and School" last winter BELOW the post about comment moderation. I had started the longer post yesterday, but due to some family matters (a sick dog) I could not finish it. Then, this morning I put up a quick post about the comments being moderated. I did not realize that the next post (which had been started earlier) would show up out of order - and with a date of "Sunday" which is when I started it, but not when I finished it!

Probably bloggers more savvy than I could figure out how to change this, but alas, that's not me. So I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to it.


Anonymous said...

Oh gee, I hate to hear of sick doggie! Mine has been leaving unmentionable eruptions around the house the last 2 days (ALWAYS on the carpet or furniture, NEVER on the hardwood or tile...WHY?!), so I feel for you. I am enjoying your blog so much! Thank you for not being a rotten tease like Cajun Boy!


Gryphen said...

At the bottom of the posting template there is a link that says "Post Options". If you click that you can change the time of the post and even the date it is posted.

You could even write a post and have it show up three days later. Or even earlier.

Silver Salmon said...

Raiding the multimedia collections of some Alaska papers.

February 26, 2008

March 8, 2008

Bristol makes honor roll at Juneau-Douglas

Willow makes honor roll:

February 5, 2008

March 18, 2008

(article for proof:

April 8, 2008


Anonymous said...

Thanks Audrey. I hope your dog is feeling better now!

Anonymous said...

I can't access any of those links posted by silver salmon :-(


Mary G. said...

I haven't tried the links, but they often post incompletely--cut off on the side. Some folks break up the link to avoid this. Otherwise we have to guess what is missing on the right margin.
I've said it before--Audrey should get a Pulitzer Prize for her investigations. Mucho grazias!
Mary g.

jul said...

As a fellow dog lover I feel your pain.

I am new to your site and truly appreciate all of the time and effort you have devoted to the cause.

Over the weekend Palin claimed to be back to wearing her own clothes and told a reporter that the pink jacket she had on she'd gotten years ago in Alaska. Then on The View, Elizabeth, when speaking to Palin's frugality, said that Palin's pink jacket came from a consignment shop in Florida.

I wonder if it is possible for this woman to speak the truth about anything when she seems so comfortable lying about such trivial matters.

Also, if she releases her medical records can we believe they are accurate? If a doctor is willing to lie about a pregnancy, wouldn't that doctor be willing to falsify a few documents to cover her own tracks?

Anonymous said...
is an way to condense long links for ease in posting. No more worries about long links being cut off!

enigma4ever said...

abou changing the DATE and TIME, you can use the POST OPTIONS and change the date and time, when you are "previewing", before you publish...