Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Request to "Anonymous"

I have allowed anonymous posting of comments on this blog. So far, I think it's working out well - we've had very few problems with spam, etc. However, one drawback of this is that it's very difficult for one commenter to respond to another commenter, since just about everyone is named "Anonymous."

I am asking all commenters, if you chose to use the "anonymous" option to post your comment, that you still create a signature for your comments and just put it in at the end. You can make up anything, "Susie J." "Fatboy" or whatever. This makes it much easier to have a dialogue within our comments section, and allows our regular readers to start identifying our different participants.



Anonymous said...

Do you feel important spreading rumors based on nothing more than gossip, hearsay and your 'professional' experience?

ALL of your posted suspicions can be refuted with FACTS. Of course, you probably won't have the courage to post this, I imagine.

Just a few FACTS to consider:

Bristol transferred to WEST High School in Anchorage because she did NOT want to go to high school in Juneau - Alaska's capital. While at West, she took a number of correspondence courses - something that many other students who travel frequently do to accommodate their erratic schedules. As a result, many finish HS earlier.

I personally saw Bristol on a number occasions (Dec. 07 - Feb 08) she certainly did NOT look pregnant. In fact, she liked to wear the 'belly' shirts that so many HS girls unfortunately favor.

I know someone who 'hung out' with Bristol the day after TRIG was born and she reports that Bristol was a bit shocked like everyone else in the family that her MOM was pregnant. Bristol says she just thought her mom was getting fat. This source says Bristol looked the same as always.

In MAY of 08, Bristol told friends she was pregnant and that Levi J. was the dad. Yes - this was a 'well-known' fact amongst many people including the press. Why wasn't it reported? DUH! It was not NEWS.

I could continue to address your false statements and misleading assumptions, however, I've already spent too much of my life responding to this crap. I can only imagine how much time you've lost in this sick and sad pursuit.

Anonymous said...

Per the anonymous post above,

This party does exactly what he charges those of us seeking the truth are doing. His "facts" are nothing but gossip and hearsay.

We are relying on contemporaneous news reports including statements of Sarah Palin and others who would have no reason to lie at the time. These include all those people who were "shocked" when Palin announced that she was 7 months pregnant.

While this person claims to have had direct contact with the principals involved, she offers no basis for that and doesn't identify herself. Therefore, her assertions are worthless, even assuming it was a her.

Further, she only offers evidence that Bristol could not be Trig's mother. While that evidence may be truthful, can she offer direct evidence that Willow is not Trig's mother?


Anonymous said...

We wouldn't NEED to have these suspicions and conversations if SHE would just provide US with FACTS, which you do not have either. Show us the medical records, the birth certificate, a dated photo with her in hospital bed holding trig with her hair down and looking like she just gave birth. It's that simple.

Sorry Dangerous .. I'm not ready to go there with Willow just yet. How old is she anyway? I think she is being used as a cover, to keep Trig out of the arms of Bristol for obvious reasons.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I never THOT of it THAT way, Dangerous. What another brilliant rumor to start! Maybe you can own that Blog? As for me...I'm starting the TRIG is PIPER's baby BLOG as soon as I can dig up that video of her licking her son's head!

Keep spreading it, girls!

Ima Sikadis

Anonymous said...

Poisoning the well, are we? Proposing far-out theories to make the rest of the folks look bad. Then shaming the proposer. It's a good trick. Hopefully Audrey won't be discouraged by this.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anonymous #1. With all of your information, you should really bring it to light in public so that these rumors can be put to rest. You, and all of the other...oh, how many was it now? Oh, right, ZERO people just like you that have come forward. If your statements are true, why haven't you done that? Why hasn't anyone spoken up since the rumors first started? It would be the single most logical thing to do to help a friend or even an acquaintance who was being raked over the coals on a national scale...to come forth with the real facts. I'm just sayin'.

BTW, it's "thought" - not "THOT"...you might need that on next week's spelling test.

Anonymous said...

Whoops..forgot to add my (Palin Name Generator) name to the above...

Molten Contra Palin

Anonymous said...

Audrey, that was a great idea because I was wondering, too, how to distinguish the many "anonymous" posters from each other.

I have been very upset with Sarah and Todd's connection to the Alaskan Independence Party. Today Rick Sanchez of CNN showed a tape of Sarah speaking by video to the 2008 AIP Convention, telling them "to keep up the good work!" This is a Party that is promoting the infiltration of the Republican Party and ultimate secession of the State of Alaska from the United States. I hope more of the main stream media picks up on this story because when she talks about Barack Obama being unpatriotic, I would like to know what is "patriotic" about seceding from the U.S.A.

Ohio Granny

Anonymous said...

sPEE-king of roomers, have you herd the latist? OBAMA is Trig's daddy. Yup, Yup.

an EDJUCATED Alaskun

Anonymous said...

WTF?!!! Everyone in Alaska knows that ELVIS is the dad. While some people were shocked when E allegedly died and relied on contemporaneous news reports to confirm his so-called death, it's inconceivable that the King died while trying to take a dump. Just ask any of the doctors who've been lurking on this blog. Nope. He escaped to Alaska where he could live in freedom from the press. Sadly, he succumbed to Sarah p's charms at an AIP rally and well, the rest is Herstory. And now you know the rest of the real story. E is the mystery affair man the Enquirer was really writing about. He will never be the first dude, but you can betcha E was the last dude - Sarah's ever-lovin teddy bear.

A little more trivia. Did you know that E's hit Suspicious Minds was written about Sarah P?

Eyeno Etall
a refugee from Wasilla

Anonymous said...

As sad as it sounds, I think the first "anonymous" post on this page comes from someone INSIDE the palin family. Too many "facts" are thrown loosely about, things that close friends would not even "know". Keep up the good work Audrey, you just made the VP candidate come to your page to desperately defend herself. Eat a fat one Sarah, i know you're reading this. That being said, IF YOU REALLY ARE LEGIT, come forward with this information and redeem your friend. Until you do, i'll continue to see Bristol as another hoe-bag. Which she clearly is.

Anonymous said...

Audrey, don't worry about the trolls, they only come out in force when your on to something.
Your doing a great job!

silent troll hunter

Anonymous said...

more and more I am starting to think that whatever Sarah had to cover up the first time was something really, truly scandalous, not just Bristol being pregnant with her boyfriend's baby, but something that would just absolutely bring down the whole house of cards. I agree the first comment sounds like an insider throwing around gossipy stuff to disprove our suspicions when in fact it would be SO EASY to disprove. That's what's so ludicrous about all of this! As Andrew Sullivan pointed out..this shouldn't be hard. All of us with babies could "prove" they are ours in a heartbeat.
Lower 48

Anonymous said...

My bet is that BRISTOL is the MOTHER and HER DADDY is TRIGGS DADDY. Wasn't he attending the house and NOT working all those months poor ol bristol was sick with mono? Could explain the coverup AND the downs.

Anonymous said...

Sheeeee-it! You lower 48 folks are just two darn clever for us yokes up here! You betcha the info from unamimoose #1 is from inside. Cause it's from me.



Anonymous said...

I knew it! So bristol, why not just help us out here? Or is it too hard juggling your baby boy while putting up with your half-retarded fiance AND cooking another one in the oven?

Anonymous said...

The Willow-is-Trig's-mom theory is not aas crazy as it sounds. Willow is 15 and if you've seen her recently on TV she is definitely CAPABLE of having a child. It does happen with young girls.

Further, if the facts bear out that Bristol CAN'T be Trig's mother -- which I think is likely if she is, in fact, pregnant, and Sarah isn't Trig's mom, as the evidence seems to indicate, who else is there that Sarah would cover for?

Also, I repeat the central question if Sarah did fake it to 'cover': Why wait until 7 months when it would start LOTS of gossip since she didn't look pregnant before and had engaged in activities not common for pregnant women? Huh? Can you answer that?

Also, why would she have to cover for Bristol at all? She certainly didn't feel the need to do so just a few months later. But cover for a 14-year-old getting pregnant? That's a good motivation.

Also, the rest of the fact pattern fits this conclusion. Can anyone confirm where Willow was during this period?

This is just a theory that fits the evidence, and does so very well. With any new evidence, such as Bristol NOT being pregnant, or medical records showing Bristol (or Sarah) was Trig's mother, and this theory is dead.

I just want to make it clear that I don't care whether Willow is Trig's mother or not. If so, it is a sad story that shouldn't be our business. But her mother put it out there by becoming an unvetted national figure striving to represent us all. She put her family life under the microscope with the combination of lies -- well intentioned or not -- earlier this year in Alaska, plus her accepting the VP nomination. It is not us or others who still seek the truth.

I don't care a whit what anyone says that attacks me, the theory or the effort to find the truth. No words anyone utters mean a thing, even me and my conclusions. The truth is what the truth is, and there are indisputable records that can reveal the truth, should we even get to see them. Once we know the truth, I will accept it with no regrets.


colorado voter said...

Audrey- remember one thing: life out on the leading edge is lonely. People leading a cause or an idea are out there alone, out front of the followers. You are onto something. Keep going. It's all going to come out in the mainstream press eventually. And readers remember: this blog is really about ethics. Did the VP candidate of the United States lie? My hunch is "yes, she did." It is widely known that within human behavior, deception is the most common form of lying. Why Gov. Palin deceive the American people? To cover up something that she knew would alienate her socially conservative supporters and would tarnish her reputation- forever. If Palin did lie, she did it really well, which then suggests that Palin is skilled and experienced at deception. Noone would use a national platform for her first lie, the stress of it would be too much for a beginner.

And poor Bristol- having to be raked through her mother's mud at such a young age.

colorado voter said...

December 18th 2008 is the forcasted date of Bristol's delivery. Anyone for starting an office pool? My bet is that the baby will be early by a month leaving further scrutiny that this new baby is her second child- "irish twins".

Anonymous said...

p-p-p-pregnant p-p-p- pALI(E)NS.

Beam me up

Area 52