Monday, October 13, 2008

Help me Locate...

Yesterday, one of our regular readers - Micky-T - posted that he/she had seen Sarah Palin on stage at a campaign event. Willow and Piper were apparently on stage (or at least visible) and she introduced them. Then, said casually, "and Bristol is traveling with us too." (Or "here too" or something similar.) I have searched for this on youtube, etc, and cannot find it. Can anyone give a link to a video clip of this? This is the first MENTION of Bristol I can find in weeks and I would like to post it.


Anonymous said...

Here are some video highlights from Sarah campaign stop in St. Clairsville, Ohio. I don't know if this is what you are looking for.

I am having trouble with my computer to watch them, so I don't know if Sarah mentions Bristol or not. Or even if this is the correct rally.


Anonymous said...

From what I can find, it might be her speech in Johnstown that she mentions Bristol traveling with them, as media reports say that Piper, Willow and Trig joined her on stage. I found the full speech here:
However, due to regional restrictions, it won't play for me so I can't confirm it's the right speech, sorry.

Anonymous said...

The October 11th Johnstown clip above is the correct one. Right about the 1:35 mark, Palin states "Bristol's on the road with us also..."

I'll believe it when I see it.

Anonymous said...

One more VERY interesting quote I found today. This one really makes me wonder what the HECK is up with this story. (I hope this is an OK place to post it. I always end up posting on the most recent entry's comments even if it doesn't totally relate.)

Anyway, I found this on a thread on Thom Hartmann's site, and it is a post that references ANOTHER thread on Talking Points Memo's site that...hmmm... appears to have been removed (!). Can't vouch for its veracity in any way, but it would seem to make a lot of sense based on what we know so far. (FYI, the original poster here seems to have mixed up the name Sarah with Janet, so the original post references "Janet Palin" by mistake):

Re:Did Janet Palin "fake" her pregnancy? 1 Month, 1 Week ago
Here's a post that I found in another forum: 08/palins-leaking-amniotic-fluid.php#comment-3063807

You are absolutely right about her driving FROM the airport in Anchorage (50 miles) to Mat-Su Regional Hospital (Wasilla) - they don't have a NICU of any level, as far as I know.

I was forced to drive FROM Wasilla TO Anchorage to deliver a premature baby precisely because of the support he might (and did) need that isn't provided in the Valley, (it's what Wasilla and Palmer are called here).

In fact, my son was delivered at Alaska Regional in Anchorage but transferred to Providence to be put on a ventilator - as far as I know Providence is the only facility capable of providing this level of care for premature infants.

I was told my son could have Down's because of an increased 'nuchal fold' (turned out he doesn't). And the primary concern prenatally and post-deliver was the condition of his heart - it seems extremely strange to me that she would risk it at all (after having carried a special needs child) that she would risk his health post-delivery.

The same questions you ask in this post were asked by everyone here in Alaska, and never answered. At the time we thought the news of her pregnancy (less than a year since taking office) was the biggest shock she would provide. Boy, were we wrong - everyone is still reeling.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bristol will appear at a campaign rally wearing a pregnancy suit. Her mom can teach her how to put it on.

Audrey said...

Yes! Thank you. It is the Johnstown speech. I will post the link to this tomorrow. She states that Bristol IS with them, but for some bizarre reason, the girl is not on stage with her siblings.

If it could be shown that that's not true... just that one little thing... it would be very significant. Where are the paparazzi when you need them?

Anonymous said...

Check out this pink maternity parka worn on March 1, 2008 at the Iditarod in Anchorage:

Video of her at the ceremonial start:

Additionally, a new documentary about the Iditarod includes footage of the ceremonial start of the race in 2008 in Anchorage: - premiers October 14, 2008 (two of the newscasters are at the ceremonial start-is the footage in the show on October 14?)

Feb. 26, 2008 at National Press Club event in DC:

Anonymous said...

About the Johnstown video ... when I watched it this a.m. (Tuesday the 14th), her voice is cut out when after she says "Bristol is .." I played it over and over. Her words are cut. Also, I wonder if Thom Hartmann changed the name to Janet on purpose to avoid his board being "disappeared".

Anonymous said...

Here's a reference from today's New York Times about Trig:

"Her references to her son are the most personal part of her speech, as she describes being scared when she first learned that the baby would have special needs. She and her husband, Todd, talked, prayed, reflected and ultimately decided to have the child."

"Ultimately decided to have the child"? Sarah, what are you talking about? You think if a woman is raped by her father, she's gotta bear that child. What in the world were you and Todd deciding?

Is that nasty elite media misquoting her again or did she mean she and Todd ultimately decided to adopt that child from her ill-equiped daughter?

(Actually, I doubt the NYT misquoted Sarah, because the NYT piece was another piece of garbage pro-Sarah puffery from a male mainsteam media hack - perhaps another one of those who thinks the winks are just for him).

Anonymous said...

Sarah hasn't been much of an asset to John McCain's presidential ticket. They were recently campaigning together in Pennsylvania and in Wisconsin and today the polls are up in double digits for Barack Obama. I hope it is because people are seeing through the lies and nastiness of the "witch from Wasilla!" I had her pegged the first day she was introduced in Dayton, Ohio. She was totally unknown by most of the people in our nation but yet she came on like gangbusters and referred to McCain as HER running mate. It was an instant turnoff for me and she hasn't done anything since to change my mind!

Micky-T said...
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micky-t said...

About the Johnstown video ... when I watched it this a.m. (Tuesday the 14th), her voice is cut out when after she says "Bristol is .." I played it over and over. Her words are cut.

This won't surprise me, because in order to keep this under wraps from the public the campaign is going to be constantly on alert for simple statements like this coming from Sarah Palin. She is very much lost in her own little beauty pagent world of the lower 48.

October 14, 2008 8:02 AM

Anonymous said...

"She is very much lost in her own little beauty pagent world of the lower 48."

Great comment, mickey-t, and SO true! I am wondering why a 44-year-old married woman with 5 (?) children must prance around the "lower 48" with skirts above her knees! And then a photo was criticized showing a young man looking at her through her legs! She's asking for it! It bothers me that McCain chose this former beauty pageant woman for his running mate. His first wife was a swim suit model and his current wife is a beautiful heiress. See a pattern here?

Anonymous said...

Additional comment to my previous one:

Why didn't McCain choose a Republican woman with a BRAIN like Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson and without all of the baggage of an abuse of power case hanging over her head and children who should be in school and monitored to prevent out of wedlock pregnancies and a 4-month-old special needs baby (if that baby is indeed hers)? Sarah Palin presents herself at campaign rallies as an example of a wonderful mother doing an outstanding job of raising her children. Huh? I think the exact opposite is true and anyone who is being taken in by this phony baloney and cheering for her and praising her is just as ignorant as SHE is!

Sunshine1970 said...

@anonymous above me:

Wish I knew what McCain was thinking...he has a thing for models and beauty queens...Palin seems to fit that profile perfectly.

There are rumblings from the White House that they want Palin gone (I think that came from a woman named Parker? Staunch republican who is being demonized now for calling it like she sees it) Peggy Noonan is being a bit nicer, but saying similar things.

I don't think Hutchinson really would have been the best choice. Her temper rivals McCain's fact it could be worse. I think she has been known to throw things at her aides when something doesn't go her way.

Anonymous said...

My bet is that BRISTOL is the MOTHER and HER DADDY is TRIGGS DADDY. Wasn't he attending the house and NOT working all those months poor ol bristol was sick with mono? Could explain the coverup AND the downs.

Anonymous said...

Going nuts here - I swear I saw Bristol Palin in a very brief video clip on Anderson Cooper's 360 late last night (split screen shot when someone else was speaking on set), but I can't find it at CNN

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it was Willow, but I can tell from googling that it was when Sarah was visiting Wal-mart in Gallipolis, Ohio. I've found photos from the local newspapers (like and t.v. ), but none have the shot that really got my attention on CNN. It was of Sarah holding Trig at the checkout counter, with his head over her shoulder and her writing or something to pay for her items. To the right of the shot, hanging back, was one of the Palin girls looking at Trig -- well, as if she could not bear to not have him in her arms. But, as I said, I could be wrong -- it could have been Willow and I could not see a body profile anyway.

Somewhere I read that Willow was in the store but, of course, that does not mean that Bristol was there, as well. It's just odd that all the photos and videos I found were taken at an angle so one couldn't really see who was off to the right (looking at the video -- Sarah's left facing the checkout counter).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, meant to write... as if she could not bear to have him out of her arms.

Anonymous said...

Where is Bristol?
Getty Images is the leading source for editorial images worldwide, I've done a search under "Bristol Palin" and the last photos taken of her were on the 4th of September. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys could have a second career in stalking.