Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quick Hello - and a Correction

Hi to everyone that's been coming and reading the blog. I know my traffic has increased significantly in the past several days. I am sorry I have been so quiet. I have been traveling on a family event that was scheduled long before this site and blog came into being so my time the last several days has been very curtailed.

But I do have a lot of new stuff to post - some interesting observations and a few updates.

I also wanted to post a correction. I had stated in my earlier post regarding Frank Elan's footage that Fox has appeared to not use much of it. This is incorrect. They actually have used considerably more in a one hour long special that they did called "Sarah Palin - An American Woman." (Do they actually pay someone at Fox to come up with snappy titles like that?) I am in the process of building a Frank Elan page on the website proper, and this should be posted in a few hours, with links to all the Fox footage plus a lot more. When I add it I will provide a notice here.

Meanwhile, check the blog today for a lot of new info... I intend to put up at least four or five new things!


Rachel said...

thank God for you --honestly I would have jumped out a window by now if it weren't for you and Andrew Sullivan staying on top of this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I hope your family event was a happy one. I check your site several times a day so look forward to reading the new items.

Joan Kind

Anonymous said...

I'd like to add my thanks for your efforts. I am a daily visitor to your site, and I really look forward to every new post!

Whether is turns out to be a lie, or just horrendous judgment on her part, the electorate needs to know the details before Nov. 4.

PalinBaby Question said...

Glad to hear you are back, and all is OK!

Anonymous said...

Why are Piper and the older daughter not in school? I know Bristol and Levi dropped out, but these two are a bit young to make that decision.